Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well I guess I'm feeling better. I don't have the urge to slit my wrists, so there's a positive! No but seriously it's pretty easy for me to fall into those dark moods and start feeling sorry for myself and all that crap. I've had this knack since I was just a young girl. My mother hated it and I think that's why I secretly did it for so long...just to drive her insane!

I had to work tonight and usually when I get "ready" for work I just throw on a little bit of makeup (it sweats off anyways) and tie my hair back in a school-girl ponytail. Since I was feeling so low today I forced myself to add a bit more makeup, I actually did my eyes for a change and my hair fell just right for once. It helped to lift my mood and when I put my big Jackie O sunglasses on I got quite a few head turns driving into work! I felt kinda sexy and aint felt that way in a long time; too long!

We had a decent dinner rush for a Monday, its all about whether the Steelers win on Sundays! I swear it is the truth, if they win we get busy but if they lose you can kiss the beginning of the week goodbye. These steeler fans are no joke, its really kinda of sadistic and stupid if you ask me. I'm a huge fan, believe me and of course I don't like to see them lose but it does NOT control my life! My dad and brother completely lose all hope when they lose, they scream at the tv, throw shit, pick fights with my mother, its all pretty juvenille and stupid.

So what I really wanted to mention was this saying we have at work called "THE KISS OF DEATH" and I received it tonight!

When you give outstanding service to a table and they take notice and say to you, "oh thank you everything was great and you were the best server we've ever had" this my friends is the Kiss of death. These complimentary customers are tipping you with their words, not with moola. It never ever fails. At some point I will wise up and when they start their swooning I swear I am booking it from the table. Noway, no more, I will not tolerate it anymore! If I was so great why in the hell are you leaving less than minimum gratuity? What the hell would you have left if I had sucked?

Another thing that PISSES me off: Those little Jesus books that people pass out. The one I got tonite was wrapped around a $5 bill so I wasn't as pissed as usual, but most of the time these "Christians" are leaving a Jesus will save you pamphlet in lieu of a tip! How god damn Christian is this I ask!?

Folks come on tip your server!

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better!

    Hey, and I totally hear ya about football stuff because it's the same here in Philly. OMG...their entire lives revolve around whether the Eagles win or lose. And knowing our Eagles past...I'm not looking forward to this year - HA!