Thursday, October 22, 2009

If I Were a Frangrance

My funny friend Ron from over at Vent challenged my thinking cap with his recent post about if you were a frangrance what would it smell like and what would the name be?

I for some reason have been able to nothing else but ponder this question. Sometimes I am quite manic and have got to do something with my brain, the credit cards are all burned out so I needed a new outlet!

Anyways after much thought I've come up with this:
  1. I LOVE the smell of gasoline
  2. Tuesday mornings are most favorite shifts to work at the restaurant because it is MEATBALL DAY, they bake off all of the meatballs and that is all you can smell the entire day. That wonderful aroma smacks you right in the face the moment you walk into the door. Years ago when I was still drinking (like a fish), Tuesday mornings were my hangover shift and let me tell you those meatballs are a wonderful elixer for a hangover. Take one of those fresh, hot, from the oven balls and slap it between a hollowed out dinner roll, voila--Instant relief, heaven, etc
  3. I love the crisp, clean smell of fall
  4. The aromatic smell of premo dope cooking up is enough to make my skin crawl with anticipation; it reminds me of that incense they use at church

Okay so these are WEIRD combinations in themselves and I don't think they would make a great smelling perfume but whatever Ron asked!

Oh and no worries folks, I've stopped cooking up premo dope for about 3 years now, but the wondeful aroma of it is ingrained into my memory.

Now a name? Well because heroin kills, and if you continue to huff enough gasoline you're gonna destroy brain cells I guess I'd call this shitty smelling perfume...Suicide and the bottle would have to have a skull in cross bones!

1 comment:

  1. OMG,'re HYSTERICAL!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!

    And listen, each and everyone of these smells that you listed, I TOO love!

    What the hell is it about gasoline???

    And the name for your fragrance is BRILLIANT!



    Thank you for sharing this!

    Enjoy your day!