Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just another example of how education is amazingly failing...

Ok does anyone remember back in high school having a class that dealt with commonsense shit that you would actually use in your lifetime? I do. They called it economics when I was in school. We had to pair up with a partner, pretend to get married and then we each had to pull a piece of paper from a hat which gave us our career and salary. We then had to learn how to budget our money together. Figure out how we were going to pay our bills and rent and still be able to eat. The teacher paired me with a boy named Charles and he was an artist, I was a teacher. Together I think we made about $1200 a month, but you know what we did it.

This lifestyle learning class also taught us all about checks, how to write them, endorse them and of course how to balance our checkbooks. Why oh why don't they teach these kinda classes anymore?

As many of you know I've gone back to school. I've written many posts about the stupidity of our youth, well here's another one. I have a college math class this semester. We just started a new chapter: How to balance your checkbook. Are you fucking kidding me? I've had a checking account for half of my lifetime now. Ok ok so maybe the younger, inexperienced, fresh-out of high school kids don't know how to do this simple feat. I'll give you that. But seriously I don't know how anybody can be this dumb: The teacher wrote a fake endorsement on the board as an example of how she'd transfer a check over to her mother. She wrote "pay to the order of my mom". It was an example. Of course one of the fresh-out-of high school morons raised her hand and asked if you'd really write my mom on the check. She wasn't kidding. She was dead serious. What the fuck are they teaching these kids?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tiresome of Winter Already....

I know that I live in Pennsylvania and that it does indeed snow here in the winter months, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! I rather HATE it to be quite honest with you. The very first snow fall of the year is always pretty and full of the wonder but after that it can go to HELL!

What I hate most about the cold, dreary and dark winter months is having to clean all that white shit off of my car. I had to clean my car off 3 times yesterday, and each time I was silently muttering to myself, "god I hate this". I don't do well in the cold. I am more of an autumn kinda gal. I wish that GM would invent a car that cleans itself. I mean come on, they've come up with self cleaning ovens, what would be so hard about a car that can do the work for you? Maybe someday when I'm rich I can just hire some pimple-faced teenager to do it for me.

Winter is my least favorite of the seasons and I'll be grateful when it is all over. I hate having to bundle up against the whipping wind as it slams into my face, causing my eyes to water and snot to drip from nose. It is just a miserable time of year for me. Even when I was a kid I didn't enjoy the winter like the other kids. I would cry and pitch a fit when my mother would make us go out, "to get the stink off you". We always had to wear those snowsuits that made that awful swish, swish sound every time you took a step, I hated those and the itchy scarfs that my mother would wrap around my face. It always felt like I was suffocating. Then I'd get shoved out the door and told "have a good time, don't come back for atleast an hour". I'd huddle in my snow hut while the other kids frolicked and played the eskimo way just waiting for the hour to be up and the promise of feeling being restored to my frozen toes.

Not much has changed since then; I still hate winter. Does it show?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Today I turn 32. Where did all those years go? Most of them were spent in oblivion. It's a bittersweet day for me. There's not anything I'd wish for more when blowing out those candles than to have all those wasted years back, but unfortunately no one has invented a time machine as of yet.

As I kid I hated that I was born 2 weeks after Christmas because sometimes I got that "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas" gift-in-one. It wasn't fair and I hated it. I guess it was worse for my cousin because when she was blowing out her candles on her 7th birthday cake I was being born. She was forever to share her day with me. Win some lose some I guess.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waitresses are People Too

I know being a waitress isn't as important as being a neurosurgeon, a soldier, or holding a seat on congress but it is still a job and I feel that I should be treated as a human being. Case in point I had these 2 women in my section yesterday afternoon who not only stiffed me but made me feel less than human. Look I made myself feel that way for a very long time; that is the nature of drug addiction. The point is I don't feel that way anymore and I will not allow anyone else in this world make me feel like an animal ever again.

These 2 were bitchy to begin with. They wanted a calzone but asked if they left out 2 of the ingrediants could they substitute something else? I tried to explain to them that this is simply not allowed; I cannot substitute. I can leave the things that they didn't want out but I have to charge for the one they wanted added. It is NOT my rule; my name is not on the door, I don't make the decisions about cost or menu items. I just do my job. If I were to do this for these 2 I could very well lose that job. I am not willing to sacrifice my employment for these 2 women who showed absolutely no respect for me.

Is it a fair rule? No. I think it's quite silly to be honest, but again IT ISN'T MY RULE. Needless to say they were a hard table to wait on. I tried my best to be as nice as possible but when I hear them snickering about me as I walk away from the table, my feelings get hurt. Believe it or not I am human and I do have feelings.

These 2 women paid their check but left me a zero dollar tip. Thanks alot ladies. Did you really have to take out your frustration on me? Had I not told you I would have the manager come over and speak to you about the "situation"? Seriously.

I'm not really sure why this hit so hard with me today. It is not the first time I've been stiffed and unfortunately it won't be the last, but it did hurt me. I did my job and was left unappreciated. I can't change everyone's mind but the next time you're out in a restaurant and something doesn't go your way don't take it out on the waitress; she is only doing her job.