Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miss Clairol #686

ok so I color my hair, confession no.1. Since being a little girl I have dreamed of being a redhead. I started out life as a toehead, my hair was so blond it was almost white. Then I started kindergarten and the hair Gods cursed me with this ugly boring dishwater blond color. So when I started changing my life around for the better a few years ago I decided I'd finally give red a try. What could it hurt? If I hated it I could wait for it to grow out or shave it all off and go for the Sinead O'Connor look! Anyways I did it and I have never looked back, I absolutely LOVE my red hair. It does compliment my skin tone as well and people have said that it looks natural.

Getting to the point, last week I was due for my 6 week dye job, red is an unkeep to say the least! As I'm sitting in my hairdresser's chair, who by the way I LOVE, she says to me "I hate to be the one to tell you this (oh shit) but you can never go back to your natural color, you'll have to color your hair from now on until you die". What, why? Then she said it: "YOU ARE COMPLETELY GREY IN THE BACK". Hold on while I catch my breath. What? I'm too young to be completely grey, sure I've found some here and there but completely? She justs shrugs it off, of course she sees this everyday no big deal for her. I now HATE my hairdresser!

What bothers me is not that I can't go back to my shitty dishwater blond, its the FACT that I CANNOT go back to my shitty dishwater blond! Thats the stubborn part of me that won't let go. I have no desire to stop coloring my hair red, I've never considered it until this happened. I guess what it boils down to is that no one, myself included, likes to hear that they are aging. It happens to the best of us no matter what we do but it sucks, plain and simple!

I talked this over with my mother and she says that she was completely grey by 27, so I guess I have a few years on her. Maybe if I have a daughter some day she'll hold off on the greys until she's 35! Oh the cycle of life!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm sure every generation has repeated these exact words, but "what is wrong with these kids today?".

First, when did we start teaching our kis that they are entitled to respect? In my day respect was earned. I first learned this valuable lesson at home, where my PARENTS were in charge. They commanded appropriate behavior and if I deviated from this in any way, I suffered consequences. I would have never even thought to swear or talk back to my mother or father, yet I see this happen everyday at work. Children have a total lack of respect for their parents and adults in general.

Look I don't condone abuse but come on! Parents take back the control, smack your brat's ass, it won't KILL them! If you can't control a 5 year old what are you going to do when the little monster turns into a berate teenager?

The thing that really scares me is how stupid these "young adults" truly are. Okay they may be computer geniuses, but how can you not be able to count back change? When the registers go down at work, utter chaos breaks out! A customer handed one of our cute little hostesses a $20 to pay for his $14.85 check, the blank stare on her face said it all, she was lost! Don't we teach basic math anymore?

Don't even let me get started about the ones I go to school with. How can you live in the United States all 19 years of your life and not know that we are not a communistic country?! Believe it or not that is a true story. A test question for my Business Organization class stated, "Is America's economic system one of communism or capitalism?". Out of 10 students I was the only one who knew the answer to this question. Really? It never ceases to amaze me!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'd like to thank Sparky over at for honoring me with this award. She calls her blog "Just get on with it already" it thats exactly what she does! She has a style all her own and pretty much tells it like it is. No pulling punches with this girl! Go head over and check this chickee out, I'm sure you'll find her blog as intersting as I do!
So now for the rules of this award:
The questions below must be copied and answered in a one word answer and then the award must be passes on to another deserving blogger. So here goes...
1. Where is your mobile phone? drawer
2. Your hair? red
3. Your mother? overbearing
4. Your father? inspiring
5. Your favorite food? chocolate
6. Your dream last night? exgirlfriend
7. Your favorite drink? coffee
8. Your dream/goal? coder
9. What room are you in? kitchen
10. Your hobby? reading
God, now comes the daunting task of figuring out who I extend this award to! There are quite a few blogs that I follow so this is difficult to choose. But after careful consideration I hereby bequeth this award to:
Ron from VENT
Ron you always brighten my days with your honesty about the quirkness of life. I love your writing style and I strive to be able to write as beautifully as you! Congrats, enjoy your award!

Just Try It, I DARE you!

I was checking out the waiter's newest post this morning on about tipping. There were quite a few comments posted that made my skin crawl and caused my mouth to drop open. Some people are so unware of how to tip it makes me sad. Here is a heads up to all of you people who are confused: MINIMUM GRATUITY IS UP TO 18% NOW! When you receive "bad service" you really have no idea what is causing this, and most of the time your idea of bad service and the wait staff's are completely different. When your food takes longer than usual that is NOT my fault, I AM NOT THE COOK! If by small chance I forget something, which happens very rarely in my section, try to remember that I am HUMAN and you yourself are not perfect. To the folks who think that this job is easy, here's my apron give it a whirl! You wouldn't last a week in my Easy Spirits!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling deflated

The cold and rainy weather sure does fit my mood this evening. It seems like every time I seem to get a hold on my life, a wrench throws itself into my plans and leaves me feeling deflated and frustrated. I've had about enough of these set backs recently with my schooling and future career. As you can tell from my previous posts I am in the process of changing careers. After turning 30 a few years ago I decided I wanted more out of life than waiting on tables and after considering my options I decided on a medical coding career. Living in Pittsburgh a medical career is where its at right now. I choose coding because I've had enough of people and don't want to have to deal with their bodily functions, I'd rather sit in a cubicle somewhere doing mounds of paperwork for insurance companies.

Anyways after recently attending a meeting of my local chapter of professional coders, I was made aware of how unprepared I truly am. I do blame my school for most of this. When I was looking at different schools in my area, the one I am attending said that along with a great program for billing and coding I would also gain an associate's degree. None of the other schools were offering an actual degree so I jumped at the chance right? So of course I was upset but I worked through it and with the aid of one of my chapter members, found a coding blitz scheduled this weekend. The woman giving these 16 hours of classes has a 95% passing rate for people who take the board exam after this class. I was so very excited to be gaining this knowledge and having a heads up for the exam. I had to pretty much promise my first born to my boss to get a Saturday off of work and here I come to find out today that the classes are canceled due to lack of registration. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know in the end things will work out, they just have to! I've worked to hard to turn back now. I'm not ready to throw in the towel but it'd be nice for something to go my way for once, just once! Why can't anything I do ever be easy? If anyone is or knows someone in the medical coding profession, I am desperate for a suggestion.