Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 more shifts....

Oh thank God I only have to work at that restaurant 5 more times! The "games" have begun. My bosses are two of the most spiteful people I have ever met, and last night their personality shown through.

It is lent. That means Fridays are crazy insane busy. We sell about 30 million pieces of fish, that may be an exageration but you get the idea. So to save myself and the other servers a few steps, I always make up cups of tartar and coctail ahead of time. Now I've been doing this since lent began a month or so ago. I put the sauces in little platic cups called souflee cups. I put lids on them so that I could stack them and so that no crumbs or shit get in them. My boss came up behind me as I finished the last one and took them. I said to him, "where are you taking them, I already made some up for the to go's these are for the servers"?. He proceeded to ream me a new asshole because I put lids on them. "A case of those lids cost $30". Ok whatever. I was pissed off, he took away all my sauces.

Other things happened throughout the night, like at one point every server was running around like a chicken with their heads cut off, and I was standing there with only 1 table. There was a line of people waiting to be seated and my whole section was empty. They refused to seat me until I took it upon myself and starting taking customers back and sat myself. The last and final straw that really had me infuriated was when toward the end when things are settling down and it was time to cut the floor. I had 1 table that was finishing up but instead of cutting me, they cut the "princess" who had a party of 18 that still hadn't eaten. WTF! I probably shouldve just walked out and told them to go fuck themselves but that is what they want me to do.

Pray for me people! I just might end up going to prison before I get to start my new job!

have a great weekend everybody and don't forget to tip your server!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well I did it! And I didn't fall across the stage and make a big fool of myself either! It was a very nice ceremony except that the keynote speaker, Mr. Nate Harper Pittsburgh police chief was of course 20 minutes late! Other than that everything went very smoothly and I didn't cry like a baby. My eyes started tearing up as we all marched into the auditorium while the Pomp and Circumstance music was playing. I could see my family all sitting there and I had to turn away so I wouldn't start balling!

It was very nice to see my many wonderful teachers and get a chance to thank them for their endless dedication to me and my fellow students. Without them I wouldn't have the knowledge and skills that I possess. It all kinda happened so fast; I'm only now sitting back and rehashing it. I have one of the biggest smiles I've ever had. This is the best feeling; it beats any nod from any bag of heroin ever!!!!!!!!

The next chapter of my life has begun. My father wrote me a very touching letter that says to not limit myself as this is my start, not my finish. How true. I am just beginning and it feels awesome!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is my big day! I could hardly sleep last night. I am like a little kid in a candy store today, I'm full of nervous energy! I just can't wait to put that cap and gown on and walk across the stage! I have to wait some 8 hours and it's killing me.

I am an emotional mess today but in a good way. I've already begun tearing up so I cannot imagine what I'll be like when the damn song starts playing. I am just so happy and proud of myself. Not many addicts can get clean let alone finish school and get a great job. I can't hardly believe that it is happening but it is. My new life is starting and I'm all ready for it!

Last night two of my dearest friends took me out to dinner since they won't be able to attend the ceremony tonite. We had such a great time, we always do. I love them like sisters and know without great friends I couldn't have done any of this. They gave me a necklace with a key on it and said that it represents the key to my new apartment, new job, and new life. I am touched and saddened that I won't be working alongside these 2 wonderful women anymore. That's gonna be the most difficult part about leaving the restaurant business behind; the awesome people who I got to share so much with. We are a different breed of people; you kinda have to be to survive that lifestyle. Unless you've experienced it for yourself you can't really understand what is all about. I will miss it.

It is time to move on though, that was what I worked so damn hard for. I look forward to the new challenges that life has in store for me. And it's comforting to know that I can blog about all my misadventures! Hope you guys stick around for what is sure to be a bumpy road!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Patience is a virtue

You know I thought that because I will be leaving this waitressing thing behind me in less than 2 weeks, that my patience level would somehow grow. I was wrong. Let's explore yet again how truly fucked up people can be...

Last night we had a reservation for a party of 30 people who were celebrating a surprise 21st birthday. Me and another server, whom I will call S, had to share this party which took up both of our sections. No big deal, we do this kinda thing all the time.

I was a little shocked that because it was a 21st birthday, the woman in charge would not allow anyone to drink any alcohol. Ok whatever, it was a "family" dinner. The parents of the birthday girl had pre-ordered the venue, giving the guests a choice of 3 chicken dinners. Um, what happened to a little variety? Not everybody wants chicken, how bout a seafood selection or beef? Whatever I just do what I am told.

I don't want to bore you with all the little details of these very demanding customers, so I'll cut to the chase. After the 3 hours that they were there, everyone was oohing and awwing over the food and the service. Big warning sign; that is what we in the business call "the kiss of death". I should have known then that I was going to need some lubricant cause we sure were gonna get fucked.

The check came to $550. Now keep in mind that the 2 servers working this party are spliting the tip. Not only that but we also didn't have ANY other tables besides this one. I collect the charge slip and casually look down....$80. WTF! We just busted our asses for 3 hours and we get to split 80 bucks...$40 a piece. Oh for Christ's sake people.

The silver lining in this whole fucked up situation is that in 2 more weeks I will never ever have to be slighted on a tip!