Saturday, October 10, 2009

Angel wings

There is a woman that I work with who dislikes me. Without going into the long history of how this came to be, let's just say that we've had differences in opinion. She has not talked to me in about 5 months which makes for an extremely uncomfortable work environment. Last night this woman exploded on me; unjustly I might add.

She had started a side work duty but instead of finishing it she was just going to walk out the door. Well I've had enough of her hoity toity attitude thinking she doesn't have to do anything before she leaves and that someone will clean her mess. I very calmly approached her at the hostess stand and asked in a nonconfrontational way if she was planning on finishing the job? The manager was present for the infraction that followed. She completely flipped out calling me a bitch and telling me to fuck off. I was in awe, I could not believe the reaction I got and couldn't say much of anything, my jaw was wide open in shock. She stormed out the door and left me speechless.

The manager who witnessed the situation reassured me that she was indeed out of line and will go to the owner and explain what had occured. I'm not a baby and her words didn't really hurt, what upsets me is that this woman thinks her shit doesn't stink and all of us are sick of her better than everyone attitude.

I'm sure that apon my arrival to work today I will be called into the office to discuss what went on last night. I'm not intimidated but I'd like to have the air cleared between the two of us. I'm sick of walking around on egg shells around her and I'm sick of being ignored and treated like shit. I think its high time that this woman is called on her shit and has her angel wings clipped!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This sign infuriates me anymore! Along with being a noncellphone user I am also a SMOKER! I am not a disease infested, black lung dependent, cancer spreader; I am a human being who happens to have an addiction to nicotine. Without getting into specifics let me tell you, this vice of mine is a whole lot better than some of the others I've had in my life time.

Ok let me clarify some things. I understand that smoking is a bad habit and very unhealthy for me and others around me. But to defend MY choice: this is America and I do have rights also. I hate that PA is now a nonsmoking state and that when I go out to eat I cannot enjoy a cigarette indoors. I believe that whether or not smoking should be allowed in an establishment should be up to the business owner, not the Government. If it bothers you that much sit in the nonsmoking section!! There are a handful of restuarants and bars in my area that are still permitted to allow us smokers to enjoy our habits, so they are the only ones that I frequent.

I know this post will piss a ton of people off but I really don't care. This is all about me. What infuriates me the most is when I am innocently waiting for a bus to come home from a long day at school and a complete stranger will approach me and tell me how disgusting smoking is. Can I remind you that I am outdoors, I don't even stand in those makeshift shacks they call bus stops. Why do strangers feel they need to tell me that MY habit isn't good for me? NO SHIT asshole I already know this. I used to be nice about it and just smile and say something like "yea, I know how bad it is" but no more Ms. Nice Girl! Step the fuck back... leave your opinion for someone else or I will burn your eyes out with my cancer stick! I mean it, people leave me the fuck alone so I can smoke my cigarette!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I must be the only person left in this technological world without a cell phone. Yea, I know it sounds crazy, but its true... I DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE. You can put your eyes back into their sockets and pick your lower jaw up off of the floor now! It isn't that I don't want one, I cannot afford both right now. A year ago when I got my first laptop, I had to get internet service and it was just cheaper for me to get the bundled service with the phone, internet, and cable for one "low" monthly price. I'm a struggling waitress/student and cheaper is right up my alley. I had my cell phone shut off, gasp.

Since no longer having one of these high tech communication devices I cannot help but to notice how prevelant they are in our society today. Its actually quite frightening to me. Remember the old days... when you weren't home the caller left you a message on your answering machine, and you got back to them at your convenience. Long gone are those days, anyone can get a hold of you any time or any place you are, even if that means you're answering your phone in the stall next to me in the ladies room. Come on people, is nothing private anymore?

I understand the need to keep connected, I do but seriously where is the line drawn? Do you need to be talking or god forbid texting another human being every second of everyday? Have some respect for the other people around you, I do not want to share in your conversation! There are times and places when these gadgets are acceptable and in class, on the bus, and in the bathroom, are UNACCEPTABLE!

Do me a favor, take notice today of how many people you walk past that have a device attached to their ears, you will be amazed.