Friday, November 15, 2013

What happened to the holidays?

So I  don't know about anyone else but I am sick to death of our holidays being forgotten or rushed. We just had Halloween and Thanksgiving isn't being recognized at all! We've gone straight to freakin Christmas, how in the hell does this happen?

I'm tired of it. I remember as a kid that half of the fun was the anticipation. No more of that. I saw on one of the tv channels, I think it's the Family channel that they are already running a Christmas movie/show marathon. Geez can we all gobble up some turkey first?

Everything especially Christmas is no longer about giving, loving, remembering and spending time with loved ones. It's about capitalism and how much money these stores can make off of us. It actually saddens me to think that kids today don't have a clue what Christmas is really about. Commercial after commercial for presents and toys are crammed down there throats every damn minute of the day.

Just ranting and needed to share. My wonderful aunt sent me this picture and by God ain't it the truth?