Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yep its another vent from the innerworkings of my pissed off waitressing self! Ok rule number one: when you are out in a restaurant on a busy Friday night and you can see there are about 100 people standing there waiting for a table, kindly eat your food, talk a bit and then GET THE FUCK OUT!
No seriously I had a table that I honestly considered calling CYS (child youth services) on tonight. It was the mom and dad and their 3 preteen age kids. They were my very first table so they were sat around 5pm. The parents were both drinking beer, no big deal. They ran me a little bit and were genuinely pain in the asses but most of my tables are this way. The point of this story is that once everyone had eatin, all the dishes had been cleared and they had asked for the check, they continued to just sit there. We were on a 45 minute way at this point mind you. What really freaked me out was when the father came up to me at the server station and whispered to me "could you bring my wife and I each another beer, if we order them at the table and the kids see they'll get upset they want to go home". Ok what do you say to that? I brought them the 2 beers and continued to bring these people 6 more apiece while their children were whining and crying and bored; they just wanted to go home. These poor kids, I felt so bad for them. Here are their parents completely disregarding their well-being, selfishly drinking like fish! If I wouldn't get fired I would call CYS and tell them what went on. That was appauling to me! If you want to get sloppy drunk fine, but leave your kids out of it. Take them home, put them to bed and then drink all you want, while your children are safe in their beds. ASSHOLES!

They finally left at 8pm. In the 3 hours that they sat there I could have turned those tables atleast 3 times! To boot the bastard only left me $19 on a $125.00 check; cheapskate!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yep, I did it again...straight As GPA 3.97. Not too shabby for someone out of school for 14 years huh? When I first decided to go back to school over a year ago, I was petrified that I had somehow damaged my brain and would be unable to comprehend or learn anything. I was a great student until I hit high school, where I learned how to cut class and smoke pot behind the gym.

It was pretty scary going into school with kids who have grown up with all this technology. The last time I was on a computer before starting college, we didn't even have mice. We had to give our Apple computers commands like C://. But I adjusted. I've been able to do that my entire life: adjust to the surroundings. I did it as a drug addict, I did it in jail, rehab, family life, you name it I made myself fit in. This is my talent. I blend.

For once in my life I am actually not just blending... I am excelling! It feels good to know that I am accomplishing a goal and kicking ass as I go along. I'm not one to "toot my own horn" but whoo ohh!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

college credits

This school that attend could fuck up a one car funeral I swear! I have one semester left + an externship. I talked to my advisor 3 months ago and explained to her that the upcoming semester starting Oct 21 I still had 5 remaining classes and 270 hours of an externship to do. This is an impossible feat for even me! We discussed my options and came up with a plan. I would take all 5 remaining classes this semster (Oct 21- Jan 16) and then add a semester in which to do my externship. Easy enough right?

The summer term ended today. As of finishing my last final I still did not have a schedule for next week's classes. I went to the advisor and asked whats up? She told me to relax and go home she'd take care of it. I reminded her that we had a PLAN, she said "No problem".

Well there is a PROBLEM! I happened to go on to the school's website where we are able to plug in and get grades, attendance, and SCHEDULES. Mine is finally there, but I only have 4 classes, I am missing one!

I don't even want to deal with these people anymore, I want to be done! I need another English class, how hard can it be to schedule me for an english class? Really come on, it's a general education class!



This is one of my favorite books. I actually reread it for the 3rd time and thought I'd share it. The title is "Jesus Land" by Julia Scheerers. My cousin actually suggested this book to me years ago and I was hesitant until she told me it wasn't some crazy religious book. I'm not a crazy religious person. I was raised in the catholic church but don't practice anymore. Anyways this book is powerful. I love the way she writes, honestly and brutally; no holds barr. Each time I read it, a new emotion surfaces for me. These are the kind of books I absolutely LOVE to read, they make me feel something and for that I am grateful.

People pick up a copy, you will not be disappointed! I also ordered another title of her's called "Another Hour on a Sunday Morning". I'll let you know what is like.

Everyone enjoy the day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was a rough day.

I had 3 finals to take today, enough said. I thought I'd come home after overworking my brain chill out and get some rest. Wrong.

As a single woman with no children who works for peanuts, I do get food stamps every month to help with the necessities of you know FOOD. Well this past Friday I got a letter from Harrisburg telling me that my food stamps have been discontinued. The letter said they were stopping them because I did not fill out some form. This is somewhat true, but only because I NEVER RECEIVED YOUR STINKING FORM! My case worker is a joke. Before I bash him let me explain...Since I started school in October of last year I have been shuffled around to 4 different case workers. Now I'm not sure why, I'm a pretty cut and dry case. I only get food stamps, I do not get cash assistance or God forbid Medical assistance (because I make too much money, who knew $2.83 hour was too much) but I digress.

The past 3 workers were easy to get along with; they did their jobs and we never even had to meet face to face. This is so not the case with the current Mr. Martin. In the past month or so since he has been my worker I have not received my bus passes, my book reimbursement, and now my food stamps have been revoked.

I left school and immediately headed to the welfare office. Just what I did NOT want to do with my brain in the academic shape it was in at this point! I was handed a plastic square with the number 92 printed on it like I was at the deli counter ordering a pound of bologna. I navigate my way through the crowd of screaming children and distraught parents and find a seat in the swarm of people. I notice that the woman sitting next to me is holding a number card also so I glance down to see what number she is...65. You have got to be kidding me! I know I'm in for a long day and my plans of relaxation are shot to hell.

To make a very long story short, dear Mr. Martin did not send out the "form" in time and now because of his lack of worth ethic I have to resubmit all of the information again. GREAT. Now I am not destitute but to make my point I ask the man, "do you know of any good dumpsters around that I could maybe find dinner in?". He doesn't think I am funny. No Mr. Martin I am not being funny, I am being quite serious. I know these people are overworked and underpayed. I know that but everybody is suffering, and something should be done so that the truly destitute are able to enjoy the finer things in life like eating.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Booth or Table?

I hate calling in sick and missing out on making money, but I had to take the night off of work. My body feels like it was run over by a mack truck. I hope I'm not getting swine flu or something awful like lumpuckaroo, I hate to be sick.

To be quite honest, I don't feel too quilty for calling off. Between the blowout I had with my fellow employee and having a new asshole ripped by my boss this weekend, I could use the rest. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I'm not sure how much longer I can push my body before I end up going postal and killing the next customer who asks me some stupid question!

I was on the bus on the way home from classes today talking to a friend of mine who also waits on tables. We were laughing like 2 banchees let out of the looney bin on a pass. People were staring at us and whispering to their neighbors, but we couldn't care less. We were doing what we waitresses do best...bitch and moan and make fun of our annoying customers!

What is it with people and booths? Seriously why on god's green earth does it matter if you sit in a booth or a table? We serve food and beverages in both, isn't that the reason you are going to a restuarant--to eat? It blows my mind every single time I hear that dreaded question: Can we have a booth? It has gotten even worse lately, they are getting really picky of WHICH booth they sit in now. The hostess takes them to the "requested booth" only for the wife to say "oh this is so close to the kitchen, can't we move to that booth over there"? If I was the hostess I would seriously fuck someone up! JUST SIT THE FUCK DOWN! There are reasons we are seating you in a particular table, there are sections that need to rotated in order for it to be fair to all the servers on the floor. Stop and think next time you ask to sit somewhere other than where we were gonna put you before you bitch that the server is taking a long time to come to your table or the service is slow. Nine times out of ten its your own damn fault. The section you were determined to sit in is has now been bombarded with other people just like you and that waitress is in the weeds, or maybe if she's anything like me, she is ignoring you and making you wait on purpose! Gasp, yes people we do have ways of getting revenge!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So I was playing around trying to "customize" my blog. I'm not too savy when it comes to these things. I want to be able to make my blog look special like the others that I see but I don't know how. If I was able to move my title over so it isn't infront of the picture I'd be happy, but I can't and I just get frustrated so here it is folks. Don't laugh at my computer design challenged self, I cannot help it!


Well things didn't go as well as I'd hoped for at work and the situation with the "princess". The problem is that the owner that was addressed (there are 2) favors this woman to begin with so I'm sure he felt threatened that I was beefing with his prize waitress. What a load of crap, I know it sounds petty and childish but it is true.

I get called into the "office" and she is there too. He proceeds to yell at me about questioning her and who do I think I am blah blah blah. I tried to explain that I was merely asking a question but my words fell on deaf ears. She had all morning to defend herself to him so his opinion has already been formed.

What can you do? I hate that I have to eat shit but I gotta do it. I wanted to do nothing more than walk right out the fucking door, but rent is due soon and bills must get paid, so on and so on. I know that I didn't do anything wrong but it's hard to go into a place knowing you are less valuable than others. And yes I was told in those exact words, that I am indeed less valuable than this other waitress. They blame it on the fact that I won't be working for them for the rest of my natural born life, but deep down I know they just don't like me. That's okay cause I really don't like them either. This is just a job. Graduation cannot come soon enough and I'm doing everything in my power to be able to get out of that death trap before my soul is crushed. Wish me luck!