Thursday, December 17, 2009

Burnedoutw8ress-Official Extern


I am an official extern for a medical office! I couldn't be more elated if they were paying me! Oh wait, I think being paid would actually make me explode my guts everywhere, but hey a girl can't be picky!

No but seriously I am thrilled to have gotten the job. I really think I'll learn a lot there. The people seem really cool and sarcastic just like me; I think I'm gonna fit right in. The doctor was really cool too; not at all what I expected a doctor to be like. He actually called some of his patients "weirdos", yep this is gonna be great!

Interview #1

Well I had my very first ever formal interview yesterday, and well let's just say it didn't go as I expected;

Everything was going well, I made eye contact, maintained a smile, was polite, firm handshake, blah blah blah, and then the interviewer hit me with this: "so you'll mostly be in the back of the office and perform patient care". Um, what? Apparently the interviewer didn't completely read my resume, because I am not a medical assistant, I am an administrator. She felt awful that she brought me in for no reason really, but hey it's cool. If anything it gave me a chance to get over the initial stage fright and they say to always take any interview you can, practice makes perfect!

I have another interview this afternoon but I am not really all that interested. I say that only because I've talked with the office manager and she's told me that they don't do any of their billing and coding, it gets sent out to a private company. Augh, doesn't any doctor's office to their own coding? How am I ever going to get to see it done live and in person? Just a little frustrated over here!

I'm not gonna bitch and moan and after all is said and done if the only externship I can get doesn't allow me to do any coding, well then I guess I will have to take it anyway and hope for the best.

On a good note; Man I clean up nice, I look GREAT in my professional business suit! Not too shabby for a pasta slinging burnedoutw8ress!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Confidence Restored

So I dropped about 20 resumes in the mail last week looking for an externship opportunity and I was feeling very discouraged when as of this morning I hadn't heard from a single one. That is until I got home from school today and there were 2 count em' 2 messages from doctor's offices requesting interviews with yours truly...the coffee refilling redhead is on the make! Watch out world cause here I come!

I wonder if in 17 years from now I will be calling myself burnedoutmedicalcoderwhomakesatonofmoney? Just sayin'

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Bulk and No Brains

Yep, it is happend: Just when I thought people couldn't get any stupider, one of my customers last night takes the cake:

This couple I had was weird from the start; he was one of those steroid taking baby Huey's, you know the type; big muscles, no brain and she was well, unattractive to say the least but tried to cover up the ugly with about 3 tons of covergirl.

Anyway, Mr. Health conscious asked me for extra napkins so he could absorb the grease from the top of his pizza, whatever loser. He piles like a dozen paper napkins ontop of his scalding hot pizza and then has the nerve to call me to the table and says this:

"um, could I have a new pizza, the napkins melted into the cheese and now I can't eat it".

Are you kidding me? Fuckin people SUCK!