Saturday, September 19, 2009

Medal of Honor

I have concluded that while most people are decent there are others out there that are not, they make themselves feel better by belittling others who are providing a service to them. Yep another waitressing horror story folks! Last night I had a gentlemen and his wife tell me that I was naive and stupid! Believe it or not I am at home blogging and not in jail, where I very easily could have ended up after waiting on these two! I was only trying to do my job and be pleasant. The guy asked me if we had Italian pizza, after calming the thoughts that were running through my head, I innocently said that I had watched a special a few years back that told of how the Chinese had invented pasta and pizza as well. You would have thought that I came out and told this guy that his wife was horrid the way he looked at me. Waiters everywhere know this look, it's like I have 9 heads or something. I instantly know this is a mistake to try and add culture to this couple's life, he looks at me baffled and tells me how truly naive I am for believing this. I don't argue I just take the order and walk away. Through the rest of their meal there are snide remarks, upturned noses, and whispering as I walk away from the table. When I ask how they are enjoying their pizza, the woman shakes her head. I ask if there is a problem and she tells me that the cheese doesn't taste right. I ask her what the problem is, is it salty, does it taste like its spoiled, what is it? I know there is nothing wrong with it, I just ate pizza an hour ago for my employee meal, but my job is to accomodate. She can't give me an answer, so I ask if they'd like a new pizza made or perhaps like to order something else. She dismisses me and says no everything is fine. If everything is fine what the fuck are you bitching about, just keep your mouth shut then, of course I only think this I would never actually say it out loud. (well I cant promise that on my last day of having to wait on tables I won't do this). They proceed to consume the entire pizza, so my guess is they were just looking for a free meal, which by the way they did not get. They leave behind their change, $1.23 all for me! One of the women who was sitting at a table across from them comes up to me and tells me that I deserve a medal for putting up with their shit. I thank her and tell her its just par for the course, it happens almost every shift. What really infuriates me the most about the whole situation is that this woman ( who should be ordained a saint in my book) tells my boss how well I did with that table that I do indeed deserve an award and that I handled it marvelously, my boss just snickers and says that yes she got a medal a few days ago. Where is this so called medal? My boss thinks that we are worthless and not deserving of praise and whenever we do get compliments he brushes them aside and refusing to acknowledge us. He doesn't care about the way his customers talk to us or treat us because he treats us the same way. Oh well what can you do? Serving is one of the most thankless jobs you can do. I think everyone should have to do it for just 1 month and see what it truly does entail.


  1. You said it!

    Serving is one of the most thankless jobs you can do. I think everyone should have to do it for just 1 month and see what it truly does entail.


    I think that if everyone did it for just 1 week, they would NEVER get nasty with a server again.

    I've had a lot of various jobs throughout my life. And I can honestly say that waiting tables was by far the HARDEST. Not only the physical aspect, but more so the emotional aspect of dealing with the customers. People can get very nasty when it comes to their food.

    I applaude you in the way you handled yourself in this situation.

    And I here by bestow a GOLD MEDAL on you!

  2. Thanks Ron! It's nice to know there are others who have gotten out of the biz. I am going to school and should be done in April and I cannot wait until I never have to wait tables again! 17 years is enough for me!Thanks for stopping by come again soon!