Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beverages 101

So here's a tip to all of you restaurant patrons: Don't bring your own beverages to a restaurant. Believe it or not we do have them. Tonite I had two young girls accompany their father for a nice dinner out. Whatever no problem right? Wrong, as I watch the younger of the two girls head toward my section I notice that she is carrying a bottle of perier. Weird I think for a girl her age to have such taste in aqua! Anyways I approach the table and casually point out that we do carry San Peligrino. Needless to say my attempt to get her to order a beverage was denied. To make matters worse not only does this preteen monster crack off the cap, but she also takes a slug from it straight from the bottle like it's a colt 45! I am astonished and horrified. Have some class there sister, where in the hell did you learn that? After I pick my jaw back up from the table top I make my way into the service area to get the other daughter and the father their drinks, which by the way were 2 waters, yea go figure! When people do stupid arrogant things like this you'd better rest assure; we will be talking about you and laughing at your expense in the kitchen. Stories of this girl are now circulating around the male chavanistic kitchen and all I can do is laugh and add insult to injury. I am betting this girl has learned from her much older and wiser wigger boyfriend exactly how to chug beer from a bong while squatting in the woods on a Friday night. "Oops!, daddy I thought we were going to the movies!"


  1. Hi!

    New to your blog, but wanted to say GREAT POST!

    Funny and true!

    I too am in the public service industry and it AMAZES me the stuff I see people do. I have one word...IGNORANT!

    Love your disclaimer.

    You GO!

    I'll be back.

  2. OMG I'm dying someone read my blog! Ok here's a confession--I am pretty much computer illiterate so I don't know if this comment is going to you Ron or just to my blog but either way thanks for stopping by and for the support! I really do appreciate it. If you like these kinda stories I'm full of them. I've been a waitress for 17 years and I have stories that will make your head spin! People are crazy and IGNORANT AS HELL! Thnks again

  3. for crying out loud. What a prima donna. I'd kill my kid if she acted like that.