Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yep its another vent from the innerworkings of my pissed off waitressing self! Ok rule number one: when you are out in a restaurant on a busy Friday night and you can see there are about 100 people standing there waiting for a table, kindly eat your food, talk a bit and then GET THE FUCK OUT!
No seriously I had a table that I honestly considered calling CYS (child youth services) on tonight. It was the mom and dad and their 3 preteen age kids. They were my very first table so they were sat around 5pm. The parents were both drinking beer, no big deal. They ran me a little bit and were genuinely pain in the asses but most of my tables are this way. The point of this story is that once everyone had eatin, all the dishes had been cleared and they had asked for the check, they continued to just sit there. We were on a 45 minute way at this point mind you. What really freaked me out was when the father came up to me at the server station and whispered to me "could you bring my wife and I each another beer, if we order them at the table and the kids see they'll get upset they want to go home". Ok what do you say to that? I brought them the 2 beers and continued to bring these people 6 more apiece while their children were whining and crying and bored; they just wanted to go home. These poor kids, I felt so bad for them. Here are their parents completely disregarding their well-being, selfishly drinking like fish! If I wouldn't get fired I would call CYS and tell them what went on. That was appauling to me! If you want to get sloppy drunk fine, but leave your kids out of it. Take them home, put them to bed and then drink all you want, while your children are safe in their beds. ASSHOLES!

They finally left at 8pm. In the 3 hours that they sat there I could have turned those tables atleast 3 times! To boot the bastard only left me $19 on a $125.00 check; cheapskate!


  1. 3 hours???? They sat there for 3 hours????

    And a $125.00 check with a $19.00 tip??

    Yeah, I would definitely say cheapskates!

    Don't people realize that TIME is money for servers? Fine, sit there for 3 hours...but leave a tip accordingly.

    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  2. Ron,
    Yep 3hours! I hate people! Hey enjoy your sunday, I'm watching my Pittsburgh Steelers and hoping they beat the crap out of the Browns!

  3. Yet another waitress story that I could have written.

    I also hate when pregnant girls order drinks. Not that I think it's totally necessary to abstain from booze when you're pregnant. A sip or two or a drink isn't going to kill anyone, but do it on your own time. Not in front of a million people. Draw your own beer. Pour your own glass of wine. Don't make me do it for you. Don't make everyone else watch.

    When I was little my parents drank heavily and when it was time to get in the car I would totally freak. Those poor kids. I know how they feel, I know why the parents "had to" order the beer in secret.