Thursday, October 15, 2009

college credits

This school that attend could fuck up a one car funeral I swear! I have one semester left + an externship. I talked to my advisor 3 months ago and explained to her that the upcoming semester starting Oct 21 I still had 5 remaining classes and 270 hours of an externship to do. This is an impossible feat for even me! We discussed my options and came up with a plan. I would take all 5 remaining classes this semster (Oct 21- Jan 16) and then add a semester in which to do my externship. Easy enough right?

The summer term ended today. As of finishing my last final I still did not have a schedule for next week's classes. I went to the advisor and asked whats up? She told me to relax and go home she'd take care of it. I reminded her that we had a PLAN, she said "No problem".

Well there is a PROBLEM! I happened to go on to the school's website where we are able to plug in and get grades, attendance, and SCHEDULES. Mine is finally there, but I only have 4 classes, I am missing one!

I don't even want to deal with these people anymore, I want to be done! I need another English class, how hard can it be to schedule me for an english class? Really come on, it's a general education class!


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