Friday, October 16, 2009


Yep, I did it again...straight As GPA 3.97. Not too shabby for someone out of school for 14 years huh? When I first decided to go back to school over a year ago, I was petrified that I had somehow damaged my brain and would be unable to comprehend or learn anything. I was a great student until I hit high school, where I learned how to cut class and smoke pot behind the gym.

It was pretty scary going into school with kids who have grown up with all this technology. The last time I was on a computer before starting college, we didn't even have mice. We had to give our Apple computers commands like C://. But I adjusted. I've been able to do that my entire life: adjust to the surroundings. I did it as a drug addict, I did it in jail, rehab, family life, you name it I made myself fit in. This is my talent. I blend.

For once in my life I am actually not just blending... I am excelling! It feels good to know that I am accomplishing a goal and kicking ass as I go along. I'm not one to "toot my own horn" but whoo ohh!


  1. BRAVA!!!! don't know how HAPPY I am for you!!!

    And not only for your GPA 3.97, but also for your words.

    For once in my life I am actually not just blending... I am excelling!

    And go right ahead and "toot your own horn" because you should, you deserve it - you worked for it!

    Kick ass, my friend!

    So glad we've met. You're an inspiration!

    Have a grande' weekend!