Monday, October 12, 2009

Booth or Table?

I hate calling in sick and missing out on making money, but I had to take the night off of work. My body feels like it was run over by a mack truck. I hope I'm not getting swine flu or something awful like lumpuckaroo, I hate to be sick.

To be quite honest, I don't feel too quilty for calling off. Between the blowout I had with my fellow employee and having a new asshole ripped by my boss this weekend, I could use the rest. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I'm not sure how much longer I can push my body before I end up going postal and killing the next customer who asks me some stupid question!

I was on the bus on the way home from classes today talking to a friend of mine who also waits on tables. We were laughing like 2 banchees let out of the looney bin on a pass. People were staring at us and whispering to their neighbors, but we couldn't care less. We were doing what we waitresses do best...bitch and moan and make fun of our annoying customers!

What is it with people and booths? Seriously why on god's green earth does it matter if you sit in a booth or a table? We serve food and beverages in both, isn't that the reason you are going to a restuarant--to eat? It blows my mind every single time I hear that dreaded question: Can we have a booth? It has gotten even worse lately, they are getting really picky of WHICH booth they sit in now. The hostess takes them to the "requested booth" only for the wife to say "oh this is so close to the kitchen, can't we move to that booth over there"? If I was the hostess I would seriously fuck someone up! JUST SIT THE FUCK DOWN! There are reasons we are seating you in a particular table, there are sections that need to rotated in order for it to be fair to all the servers on the floor. Stop and think next time you ask to sit somewhere other than where we were gonna put you before you bitch that the server is taking a long time to come to your table or the service is slow. Nine times out of ten its your own damn fault. The section you were determined to sit in is has now been bombarded with other people just like you and that waitress is in the weeds, or maybe if she's anything like me, she is ignoring you and making you wait on purpose! Gasp, yes people we do have ways of getting revenge!


  1. I love reading your vents!

    Like I shared with you in a comment before - I think EVERYONE should be required to wait tables for a whole month, just to see what it's like and how the seating is done for a REASON.

    So glad to hear you took the night off to stay home and take care of yourself. I'm like you because I really don't like calling in sick unless I'm dying, but sometimes you just gotta do it, ya know?

    Anway...take care, my friend.

    P.S. and there must be something in the air because people are acting weird everywhere. Yesterday I wanted to SCREAM at a few customers.

  2. feel better.

    And I used to stick my fingers under the meat or stir the veggies with my finger (my nasty icky waitress finger- oh the horror! you know, the one I used to pick up napkins that people blow their effing nose into like it's okay to blog your snots into a napkin and leave it there for the waitress to pick up?) when I hated a table.