Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling deflated

The cold and rainy weather sure does fit my mood this evening. It seems like every time I seem to get a hold on my life, a wrench throws itself into my plans and leaves me feeling deflated and frustrated. I've had about enough of these set backs recently with my schooling and future career. As you can tell from my previous posts I am in the process of changing careers. After turning 30 a few years ago I decided I wanted more out of life than waiting on tables and after considering my options I decided on a medical coding career. Living in Pittsburgh a medical career is where its at right now. I choose coding because I've had enough of people and don't want to have to deal with their bodily functions, I'd rather sit in a cubicle somewhere doing mounds of paperwork for insurance companies.

Anyways after recently attending a meeting of my local chapter of professional coders, I was made aware of how unprepared I truly am. I do blame my school for most of this. When I was looking at different schools in my area, the one I am attending said that along with a great program for billing and coding I would also gain an associate's degree. None of the other schools were offering an actual degree so I jumped at the chance right? So of course I was upset but I worked through it and with the aid of one of my chapter members, found a coding blitz scheduled this weekend. The woman giving these 16 hours of classes has a 95% passing rate for people who take the board exam after this class. I was so very excited to be gaining this knowledge and having a heads up for the exam. I had to pretty much promise my first born to my boss to get a Saturday off of work and here I come to find out today that the classes are canceled due to lack of registration. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know in the end things will work out, they just have to! I've worked to hard to turn back now. I'm not ready to throw in the towel but it'd be nice for something to go my way for once, just once! Why can't anything I do ever be easy? If anyone is or knows someone in the medical coding profession, I am desperate for a suggestion.


  1. I remember a similar incident when I anxiously awaited to take a certification course to get my CEU credits for Reflexology and the damn course was cancelled due to lack of registration. AUGH!!!

    The one thing I've discovered about life and things not going right (which happens to me too) is that often times there's a bigger picture to what's happening in the design of my life. And things which seem like road blocks are just detours taking me down a better road to reach my goal.

    So your right...things WILL work out.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    P.S. I sure wish it felt cold here in Philly. It's be warm and very humid - eek!

  2. I'm sure what Ron says is very true, and that when I look back on my life, I'll be greatful for everything I've been through, but as I'm going through it all at the moment it doesnt look all that hopeful

    Anyway, I'm sorry things aren't going the way you've planned, and I really do hope that things turn out well in the end!

    Hope youre having a good week, and that customers arent driving you too nuts!

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