Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm sure every generation has repeated these exact words, but "what is wrong with these kids today?".

First, when did we start teaching our kis that they are entitled to respect? In my day respect was earned. I first learned this valuable lesson at home, where my PARENTS were in charge. They commanded appropriate behavior and if I deviated from this in any way, I suffered consequences. I would have never even thought to swear or talk back to my mother or father, yet I see this happen everyday at work. Children have a total lack of respect for their parents and adults in general.

Look I don't condone abuse but come on! Parents take back the control, smack your brat's ass, it won't KILL them! If you can't control a 5 year old what are you going to do when the little monster turns into a berate teenager?

The thing that really scares me is how stupid these "young adults" truly are. Okay they may be computer geniuses, but how can you not be able to count back change? When the registers go down at work, utter chaos breaks out! A customer handed one of our cute little hostesses a $20 to pay for his $14.85 check, the blank stare on her face said it all, she was lost! Don't we teach basic math anymore?

Don't even let me get started about the ones I go to school with. How can you live in the United States all 19 years of your life and not know that we are not a communistic country?! Believe it or not that is a true story. A test question for my Business Organization class stated, "Is America's economic system one of communism or capitalism?". Out of 10 students I was the only one who knew the answer to this question. Really? It never ceases to amaze me!

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  1. Oh, must be psychic because I was just talking about this exact topic with someone from work earlier this week.

    As a child we were never allowed to not only not talk back to our parents, but to ANY adult.

    And trust me, I got several smacks for misbehaving. Not anything like Joan Crawford, but a good smack.

    And don't EVEN get me started on counting change. One time at Starbucks I gave the cashier $2.25 for my tab which was $2.09. OMG...someone else behind the counter had to come over and give me back my CHANGE! And this was a college student! never ceases to amaze me, too!?!?

    Have a GREAT weekend!