Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miss Clairol #686

ok so I color my hair, confession no.1. Since being a little girl I have dreamed of being a redhead. I started out life as a toehead, my hair was so blond it was almost white. Then I started kindergarten and the hair Gods cursed me with this ugly boring dishwater blond color. So when I started changing my life around for the better a few years ago I decided I'd finally give red a try. What could it hurt? If I hated it I could wait for it to grow out or shave it all off and go for the Sinead O'Connor look! Anyways I did it and I have never looked back, I absolutely LOVE my red hair. It does compliment my skin tone as well and people have said that it looks natural.

Getting to the point, last week I was due for my 6 week dye job, red is an unkeep to say the least! As I'm sitting in my hairdresser's chair, who by the way I LOVE, she says to me "I hate to be the one to tell you this (oh shit) but you can never go back to your natural color, you'll have to color your hair from now on until you die". What, why? Then she said it: "YOU ARE COMPLETELY GREY IN THE BACK". Hold on while I catch my breath. What? I'm too young to be completely grey, sure I've found some here and there but completely? She justs shrugs it off, of course she sees this everyday no big deal for her. I now HATE my hairdresser!

What bothers me is not that I can't go back to my shitty dishwater blond, its the FACT that I CANNOT go back to my shitty dishwater blond! Thats the stubborn part of me that won't let go. I have no desire to stop coloring my hair red, I've never considered it until this happened. I guess what it boils down to is that no one, myself included, likes to hear that they are aging. It happens to the best of us no matter what we do but it sucks, plain and simple!

I talked this over with my mother and she says that she was completely grey by 27, so I guess I have a few years on her. Maybe if I have a daughter some day she'll hold off on the greys until she's 35! Oh the cycle of life!


  1. First, I would like to say...I LOVE RED HAIR!!

    And BRAVA for you going for it!

    While I was still a stylist, RED was the big thing to try. And you're right...the upkeep is challenging, but it's so worth it because it's looks SO good.

    aaaah...the grays! I started when was about 27 and now that I'm 54...I'm prodominately gray. But I'm one of those weird people who couldn't wait to get gray. I've always thought gray hair (on a man or woman is sexy). There were many female clients I had that I convinced to stop coloring and just be their natural gray and they ended up loving it.

    Anyway, my friend...enjoy your RED!


    Hope you're having a great Saturday!

  2. I'm a dishwater blonde who dyes her hair red too.

    but the grey. ugh. I wonder what I've got going on back there.

    I think our asses and greys are in the back for a reason. We aren't meant to see them