Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Try It, I DARE you!

I was checking out the waiter's newest post this morning on about tipping. There were quite a few comments posted that made my skin crawl and caused my mouth to drop open. Some people are so unware of how to tip it makes me sad. Here is a heads up to all of you people who are confused: MINIMUM GRATUITY IS UP TO 18% NOW! When you receive "bad service" you really have no idea what is causing this, and most of the time your idea of bad service and the wait staff's are completely different. When your food takes longer than usual that is NOT my fault, I AM NOT THE COOK! If by small chance I forget something, which happens very rarely in my section, try to remember that I am HUMAN and you yourself are not perfect. To the folks who think that this job is easy, here's my apron give it a whirl! You wouldn't last a week in my Easy Spirits!

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