Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where's that 8 year old little girl?

Annie the movie was on tv this morning as I flipped through the channels and I just had to watch it. This was my favorite movie as a kid; I used to want to be Annie. Well minus the orphan thing and the big red afro!

When I turned the movie on it was the part when Daddy Warbuck's decides to take her to the movies. I never thought about it much as a kid but that guy rented out the whole 8'oclock show at Radio City Music Hall; that must've cost him a small fortune! Guess that's why they called him Mr. Warbuck's!

My absolute favorite character is Ms. Hannigan; Carol Burnette was hysterical in that part! I love that she was a drunk who was taking care of all these unfortuante orphans and she was IN LOVE with Mr. Bundles the drycleaning guy!

Anyways as I'm watching I can help but to start sobbing like a little girl! What the hell is this all about? It just brought back memories of childhood and my parents and stuff. I'm a bit sentimental with all that's going on with my dad losing his job. So there I am, 31 years old watching Annie and crying like a dope!

Why can't I be 8 years old again when everything was so much simplier? I appreciate the fact that my parents trust me enough and acknowledge that I'm an adult to tell me about the situation, but how I wish I could be their "little" naive girl again!

I know that somehow everything is going to work out for them and maybe it's truly a blessing in disguise, but I am scared. My parents have always been my pillar of security and I only wish that I could be theirs in return.


  1. Well they don't call it "growing pains" for nothing.

    I'm so sorry your parents are struggling. Things are tough for so many right now, it really makes us grateful for the goodness, blessings and security we do have. My husband just survived losing his job by the skin of his teeth... his company is in chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and was just auctioned off to the highest bidder. The company that acquired his company immediately began hacking away 40% of it's new employee base. It was a scary time. A time many have faced and many more will face. This time we escaped, but next time we might not. It's a new world, chica. A new troubling tipsy turvy world where nothing seems solid and firm. But it will get better.

    And not to be trite or anything, but you do realize that even out of the darkest despair comes light. Nobody likes to be forced into change, but so many new opportunities and blessings can spring from what seemed liked total devastation. You'll see. And it's okay to feel your emotions and be sad, but also be strong. Be strong and optimistic for your parents. They need to be surrounded by positive energy and hope more than ever. And above all else, believe! XO

  2. First of all I would like to say that Annie is also one of my favorite movies and Miss Hannigan is without a doubt my FAVORITE character.

    When I was still doing theater, I always wished I was a woman so I could play that role - it's such a great character part!!

    Hey...maybe one day I'll do it in DRAG!

    Second...I'm so sorry to hear about your father losing his job. And no doubt, it's a very scary and vulnerable feeling. I think Alix brought up a very postive thought...many new opportunities and blessings can spring from what seemed liked total devastation.

    There have been several instances in my life when I've felt such dispair, but things ended up turning around and bringing me to a new opportunity.

    Please know that I am sharing MUCH "good energy" with you and your family, my friend!

    X ya!

  3. I remember watching that movie as a kid. Haven't seen it in forever though. I'm still praying for you and you family. I hope things work out ok. (:

  4. Alix,
    "even out of the darkest despair comes light", no truer words were ever spoken! I am very happy for you and your husband that he was able to keep his job, that has got to be the scariest feeling in the world! As much as I hate my job, I am grateful to have it. Thank you for your very kind and compassionate words. I will try to remain postitive and strong for them. Thank you so much for your wondeful comments.

  5. Ron,
    OMG you should totally do Ms Hannigan drag, that would be freakin awesome! I'd pay a lot of money to see that; well maybe not a lot of money! Anyways thank you for the continued support, I just know that everything is gonna work on for them, they deserve the retirement that they've worked so hard for!

  6. Gavin
    You HAVE to see Annie again, you'll love it more as an adult who has been through tough times; it makes you feel good! I like those kind of movies. Thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts, "good energy" can go a long ways, so thank you!

  7. wait, Miss Hannigan was a woman?!? Kidding. It's Carol B. I've seen Annie a billion times, and I've cried too.

  8. Lora,
    don't you think Ron would make a great drag version of Ms Hannigan!? that movie is just plain out fantastic!

  9. Isn't that weird? There is this transition... you spend your childhood with your parents being indestructible and powerful. And then somewhere along the line, this change happens. And they seem fragile. And you would do anything to protect them. The thought of them hurt or upset or unhappy is so too much to handle. They spent my entire childhood taking care of me and now I just want to take care of them but how? How can I ensure nothing bad will ever happen to them? And if something bad does happen, how can I make it go away and make everything better?