Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday rocks

I am HaPpIeR than a pig in shit today!

I'm still on a high from my awesome weekend at work! This is a rare statement that I actually get to make about my job as a waitress, but no less true for today anyways. Business was BOOMING this whole weekend and it carried into Monday for me as well. Thank God; I was really starting to think about prostitution as a way to supplement my income!

I love when I am reminded of how good I am at what I do.

Last night was a flashback of sorts to when I first began this hectic career as a Super Waitress. We were busy but everything ran smoothly. Tables got sat at just the right times, food came out of the kitchen promptly and correctly and customers were NICE, APPRECIATIVE, and COMPENSATING APPROPRIATELY! Pardon me and my use of all caps, I don't know another way to express my happiness on this here internet!

My grand mood has carried over to today as well, boy I must be on a streak of good luck! I aced my sociology exam today, I finally understand how to add and subtract fractions (don't laugh, you try and do it without a calculator after 15 years!) and I am off work until Friday. What more can I ask for?


  1. Congratulations, totally understand the light turning on with fractions. I think I was 25 before it hit.

    Have a great week!!

  2. I love days like that. (: Don't get them often but when I do..it's awesome.

  3. Ok...first, I need to say that I LOVE the pig photo you used on this post!!

    OMG...those little green boots are ADORABLE!!

    And as far as using CAPS go...well, you know me...Mr. CAP MAN!

    SOOOOOOOO glad to hear about your awesome Monday at work, girl! Don't you just love when a day at work goes perfect? Glad to also hear about making good money too! It's about time people learn how to TIP properly.

    And congrats on acing your sociology exam!

    Woo! Woo!

    And listen, I can't even balance my check book without using a calculator. So, I can't even imagine fractions!? What the hell is a fraction anyway?



  4. Kristi,
    Thanks for acknowledging the difficulty with fractions! I don't know who invented them but they should be shot! Why can't everything just be a whole freaking number? Fractions shmacksions!

  5. Gavin,
    I agree; these days don't come around all that often so yes indeed I cherish every moment of them; hang in there more will come your way too and that's a promise!

  6. Ron,aka: cap man,
    I know isn't that pig the cutest thing you ever saw? I had the pic for months and I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use him. I LOVE his little green boots too!

    And to answer your question "what is a fraction?"
    fraction = HEADACHE
    enjoy your turkey day!