Saturday, September 26, 2009

Table 24

I was pleasantly suprized at work tonite when I had the pleasure of waiting on considerate people this evening. Can you believe it, there are still nice humans out there. In my line of work this is a rare occurance. These people treated me like a person and I appreciate that more than anything else. They didn't run me back and forth to the kitchen for shit, they spoke to me in a proper manner, and they tipped well to boot! So thank you table #24 for making my shift worthwhile. My faith in humanity has been restored, well until I go back to the restaurant on Monday! Enjoy the weekend everybody, what's left of it anyways.


  1. So glad you had a great night at work!

    And BLESS YOU table #24!

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  3. Oopps sorry, I had to re-post my many typos in the last one. (Yawn) It's getting much to late for me. Thanks for understanding. Here’s my comment:

    Maybe they read your blog and got some smarts. I read your previous post about the $1.36 tip and could not believe it. Well, yes I could because in the past I've had to deal with some of these wacky people too. It's always made me feel better to think that my friendly attitude made them less cranky for the next poor sucker that has to deal with them. (Like there kids)

    Anyway, I'm glad your day went better. It was nice meeting you. FYI - I started my blog this Sept too. Good month for a new project. Stop in to see me.