Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ladies, is it just me or do we all obscess about what we're wearing? I wish I could tell you that I have this great fashion sense, but I'd by lying. No I don't dress like some bum or an 80's flashback victim, but when it comes to putting "outfits" together I need serious help. I watch that show "what not to wear" and fantasize about those two showing up at my door ready to wisk me off to New York and give me a style makeover. What makes matters worse is that most of the women in my family possess this fashion forward trait, what happened to the gene pool? Why I am missing this chromosome? I must have inherited this affliction from my father who once wore blue sweatpants with flip flops, and wondered why his children wouldn't walk through the mall with him!

I must say though that I do try, I spent nearly $300 this weekend on new clothes and I even asked the sales girl/model to help so I know that the clothes I picked are hip and cool. Maybe if I was a manequin instead of a human these clothes would hang right on my plastic body? I swear I went through my entire closet this morning (it's only 7am) and got so frustrated that I ended up in sweats, thanks dad, although I opted out of the flip flops.

Fashion gods help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. For being someone who has been in the beauty industry for the past 26 years, I truly don't have a sense of fashion myself.

    I mean I know what looks good on me, but I don't necessarily think I'm in fashion.

    Honestly? I wear all BLACK in everything. I wear black at work, on my days off, to weddings, funerals, everywhere. I swear to god, I think I must have been a VAMPIRE in one of my pastlives, because I love the color black. For me, I don't like to think about what to wear everyday, so if everything in my closet is one color, I just have to pick it out and throw it on - Viola!

    I'm more of a classic than a current fashion person. I like things taylored, neat, and simple.

    Count Dracula