Friday, September 11, 2009


I was one of the fortunate 65,110 people to attend the Steeler's game last night, that was an attendance record by the way. Nothing can compare to watching the game right there in the stands, the smell of the hotdogs, the frothy cold beers, and the roar of the crowd. They said that there are no fans like Steeler fans and with this I would have to agree. The excitement emulates like a force field, you can't help but smile.

Because this is a frequent experience for me to attend a game, I was still smiling even though they weren't playing so well. The fans around me however, were not so gracious. Wow when our amazing Steelers are doing well, everyone is thrilled and waving their terrible towels like madmen, but when they don't do so well forget it. These fans turn on them like a dime, bums, loosers and other such names can be heard muttered under breaths. Oh well nothing like a Steeler fan!

I had a great time and now have a new memory of a time spent with my wonderful father. Thanks Susie for the tickets, they mean more than you will ever know.

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