Friday, April 2, 2010


Why do people always disappoint? I know that we're all human and things come up but I try my hardest to do the things I say I'm gonna do. I'm feeling a bit deflated and well kinda pissed off this morning. I had made plans with one of my cousins to go shopping for some new clothes to wear to my new job. This cousin of mine is one of those people who always look great no matter what she's wearing. She has a sense of style that I just don't possess. So I asked her to go with me for some professional causual clothes I can wear to work. We first agreed to yesterday morning, then she moved it to 3pm, then to 5pm, then moved it to this morning. I woke up and low and behold a text: Sorry can we do it tomorrow morning, I promise I'll be there.

Yea I guess but I won't be holding my breath. So those of you reading this who're thinking, god give this girl some cheese with her wine, I understand. It may not seem to be a big deal to most. Most women would just go shopping by themselves and not really think twice. I am unfortunatley unlike most women; I don't like to shop. I never know what looks good on me. I'm at a stupid in-between age, too young for juniors but too old for misses. What's a girl to do?

Yes I'll get over it and I may even grow a set and go to the mall by myself today and see what i can find. I'm still hurt though.


  1. no I get it--just don't let her bring you down...

    go to the mall and see what you can find. look for nice slacks and tops, a couple of simple skirts--basic stuff you can add to and mix and match as you see what others are wearing at your job.

  2. I'm such a tweener too! I hate it. It's weird to say, but you can find some great tweener business stuff at Penneys.

  3. Ellen,
    good idea! What I like about this job is that we're allowed to dress casually-jeans and nice tops. All the jeans I own have holes in them (on purpose) and I'd still like to look professional. Im thinking some trouser jeans and dark washes.

    it took me a second to figure out what a tweener was! Oh now I get it, hahah!I'll check out Penny's, usually I do find a lot of stuff there.

  4. Hey, yeah it's not cool of your cousin to bale on you three times. Is this standard operating procedure for her? Obviously this is something that's important to you and for good reason.

    I think you're on the right track with the trouser jeans. Just make sure they are dark. Light jeans don't really work in a professional environment.

    I would grab a couple of blazers too, maybe one in standby black and another in a nice color (black is not a color, just FYI) Blazers are great to dress up a pair of jeans.

    When in doubt, ask a salesperson for their opinion!

  5. OMG...this is something that totally pisses me off too!!!

    People with no follow-thru.

    This is why I end up doing everything alone because I don't have the patience to wait for someone to commit to doing something.


    Go alone, because I bet you'll find some great clothes.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


  6. Actually, this is a pet peeve of mine.

    I always get told I have too high of expectations for people because I expect them to do what they say they will.

    I really hope you guys got to go today!

  7. I completely understand. While I adore my bestie to the moon and back, recently she's so hell bent on pleasing everyone that she doesn't even realize she keeps ditching me. We make plans and then they get pushed back and whittled down so much that it hardly seems worth it. Hurts my feelings a bit. I hope you find some cute clothes!