Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where are all those chocolate bunnies?

I wish I was still a little girl, waking up on easter morning and looking all over the house for my easter basket full of chocolate. When I was really little my aunt used to paint bunny tracks all over the house and driveway, proving to us that the easter bunny was there and hid our treats somewhere. I loved that.

But, I am no longer a little girl and the easter bunny doesn't bring me baskets full of sugar anymore so I guess I'll just have to settle for a good cup of joe. One thing is for sure, after doing some major shopping yesterday, I definately have a new easter outfit to wear (minus the bonnet of course).

Yep, my cousin finally came through and took me on a shopping spree yesterday. I found some awesome new clothes to wear to work. I ended up getting like 15 outfits for around $300. I was shocked at all the sales going on. Bonus for me. It kinda felt like I was on that show "What Not to Wear" and I was waiting for Stacey London and Clinton to come popping out from behind some manequin! The shopping went really well when you have someone to tell you what will look good. There's not one thing that I bought that I don't like and that doesn't look great on me. For once in my life I feel age appropriate in my clothes. I have confidence now that I won't look like I'm "trying" too hard.

Enough about material things. Wishing everyone a happy easter and a great weekend!

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  1. New clothes can be transforming. Congratulations!