Sunday, March 28, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy

Today is my father's birthday. Although he doesn't read my blog I'd like to wish him a happy birthday. Maybe by posting this, I'll be able to show you how wonderful of a man he is and how much I love him. I had written an essay for my English class about my dad. The assignment was to write about someone you admire. For me that is my daddy. He means the world to me. Of course I love my mom too, but there's just something special about the relationship between dads and daughters. My dad is my rock. He's the one I go to for advise or to just vent to. Anyways here's the essay I wrote for my dad, which he had framed and has setting on his desk at work.

There is a man that wakes up everyday unaware of how remarkable he truly is. He does not know how much he is admired and looked up to, what a special role hi plays in my life or to what degree his loved. On the outside this man is just like any other. He does not stand out in a crowd or draw any attention to himself. This man is the most compassionate, understanding and patient man that I know. This man, Thomas W. Fife, my father, my hero.
In the fall of 1965, Thomas lost not only his father but also his innocence. When his father died, it left a void inside of him that could never be replaced. He became the man of the house, having to protect his two younger sisters. He was only a boy but the world around him demanded he mature and become an adult.
Therefore, he grew up to fast. At 18 he joined the United States Army and was shipped thousands of miles away to the jungles of Vietnam. In that war ravaged country, my father experienced horrors that I cannot begin to imagine.
The hardships of his life and the experiences of war molded him into the man he is today.
When I was a young girl my daddy called me his “sugar bear”. As I grew up I pushed him away. He never said how much that must have hurt him. He let me go on to make my own mistakes, silently and in the background he was always there.
My father never for one minute gave up on me. There were many years of my life that I poisoned myself with drugs. Even at my lowest point, my dad never stopped loving me. He hung on to the tiniest measure of hope that I would someday get better.
To his relief and my own, that day came about three years ago. I have been moving past those dark days of addiction and I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
My father’s love and support has gotten me to the point I am at now. I’ve started my life over and I have begun schooling for medical coding.
It is my father whom I can always depend on. The morals and values that he instilled in me all those years ago are starting to shine through. My hope is that one day I will be as good a parent as my dad has been to me.
My father is my hero and he inspires me to do the best I can everyday to be a good person. Although I am 30 years old and all grown up, I still love it when he calls me his sugar bear.

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  1. He sounds like a wonderful man.

    Happy birthday to dad!