Monday, March 29, 2010

My week of personal time has begun! Yay, there's so much for me to do I don't even know where to start. I know I'll sit down in my favorite old worn out recliner and curl up with a new book. That is what I like doing the best...chilling out, reading a good book and having my little Mia jump up on my lap and start her manic purring. Pure joy.

I had to go down to my school today to "officially sign out". What is this all about anyway? That was so stupid. I had to meet with my externship coordinator/career placement advisor. No offense or anything but I really don't care much for the woman. She is a little fake for my liking. You know the kind, talks to you like you're a 2 year old with that fake smile plastered onto her face. So we sit down and she hands me this form to fill out, kinda like a student survey thing. It asked me about a million questions about what would I do to improve the curriculum and that sort of nonsense that nobody is actually going to read let alone take into consideration. So I just checked off all the "excellent" boxes and handed it back. She pursed her little lips and sighed. Oh well. Then, and this part kinda ticked me off, she asks me to fill out info about the job I just got. I didn't really feel comfortable giving out the information but I filled it out anyways, I just wanted out of her office. The last question I came to said that I should turn the paper over and on the back write down the salary that I will be making. Whoa hold the phone, what is this all about? I left it blank and gave it back. The first thing she does is turn over the paper and sees that I left it blank. She's all like you have to put your salary on this. I said that I didn't really feel comfortable giving her that info seeing as my name is on the damn thing. She said that it's purely for statistical purposes. I didn't feel like getting into this big argument so i turned the stupid paper over and just to make my point wrote down this figure: $100,000.00

Stupid and petty I know but whatever I'm entitled to keep some stuff to myself.


  1. Hope you enjoy your week of free time!!

  2. If it's purely for statistical purposes, you shouldn't have to fill that shit out.

    I hope she thought it was real.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. I wouldn't have wanted to fill that out either.

  4. Bwhahahahahahahaha!

    OMG...that was BRILLIANT, girl!

    So listen...can you loan me $2,000.00?


    Enjoy your week of personal time. You SO deserve it!


  5. $100k! That's great hahahha... Enjoy your well deserved time off!