Monday, October 26, 2009


I am freaking out! I have an Oral Communications class this semester and we were told today that our first speach will be done sometime next week. I absolutely HATE public speaking. A few semesters ago I had to to a presentation on a research paper I wrote in my Psychology class. Although I did alright, the comment was made that I have the shakies hands ever. I used a power point and didn't think to ask someone to be my flicker so each time I had to turn the slide my hand would shake violently, enough that the instructor in the back of the room noticed!
Anyways we have to do an introduction speech about who we are and all that crap! I don't like talking about me, I don't have any problem with writing the speech it's the delivery that has me hyperventilating. I started to jot down some stuff while I was at work tonite (we were dead) but I think that I'm getting too personal. How much do I want to tell these people? I could care less what these 19 year old greenies have to say about me, so what am I so afraid of? The teacher told us that the number 1 fear of Americans is public speaking. Why is this?

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