Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Computer Geek ..... I am NOT

Ok so you know how your computer has that taskbar thingy at the bottom of your screen. It has those little pictures (excuse me ICONS) yea well I have a little speaker and the little computer with the globe that lets me know I'm connected to the internet have completely disappeared!

How did this happen, where did they go, are they floating around somewhere in the control panel? Is my laptop just trying to piss me off? Well hey succeeded! Just bring back my little pictures. I have tried going to that menu thing in the control center or whatever the fuck it's called but the little check boxes for my "icons" are turned off. You know how Windows does that: it greys out the things you want to check and now I can't hear any of my videos. Don't laugh, porn just isn't the same without the sound effects.

But seriously if anyone can tell me in simple, clearcut, no geeksquad, plain english how to make these check boxes come back to life I'd be eternally grateful!


  1. Um... post an inquiry on
    he's pretty good at plain language and may be able to help you out. I know squat about the system tray... that's the place your icons should be.

  2. There are a number of possible reasons they could be missing... I'm going to assume you're using Windows XP?

    If you go to your programs, go to accessories, and then System tools, there should be an option called "system Restore".

    You can use system restore to revert back to a previous configuration, and you won't lose files you've created since then.

    If System restore is enabled, it will give you the choice to choose a day to revert back to. Pick a day when you think those icons were there, and give it a shot?

    If you're using XP, here are the official step by step instructions:

    If you're using Vista or Windows 7: