Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Bulk and No Brains

Yep, it is happend: Just when I thought people couldn't get any stupider, one of my customers last night takes the cake:

This couple I had was weird from the start; he was one of those steroid taking baby Huey's, you know the type; big muscles, no brain and she was well, unattractive to say the least but tried to cover up the ugly with about 3 tons of covergirl.

Anyway, Mr. Health conscious asked me for extra napkins so he could absorb the grease from the top of his pizza, whatever loser. He piles like a dozen paper napkins ontop of his scalding hot pizza and then has the nerve to call me to the table and says this:

"um, could I have a new pizza, the napkins melted into the cheese and now I can't eat it".

Are you kidding me? Fuckin people SUCK!


  1. Omg seriously? Wow...uhm like try not eating pizza if it's too greasy for you. I have to say....I've met some stupid people in my life...but no one quite was off the charts as the people where you live. Maybe you should move. Haha.

  2. I think the steroids are definitely causing a negative affect on his BRAIN!!!


    You know what they say, BIG muscles...

    little, um.....


    Hope you're having a great weekend, my PA friend!


  3. Gavin,
    I'm afraid if I move I'll just find more annoying stupid people; I seem to have a magent for them! I swear these people just find me, it has happened at every restaurant I've worked in; I can't get away from them! Help me!!!!!

  4. Ron
    My dear friend I was gonna write about the big muscle little... but didn't want to offend anybody! yea right like I'm almost afraid of offending someone! Hahahahahahahaha hows your crazy december going over there on the other side of PA?

  5. OMG, what an idiot. He shouldn't be eating pizza anyway. Well, at least they're giving you good blog material!

  6. Chrissy,
    Well you got a point there! If it weren't for these freaks I have to wait on I wouldn't have anything to blog about! Thanks for allowing me to see the silver lining in the cloud of annoying customers! Have a great day.