Tuesday, December 8, 2009

People Suck

This post is dedicated to the couple that I endured last night...I HATE YOU!

It was a veryvery slow night and at 10 my boss told me and the other server we could leave (we close at 11) whoo whoo an early night, now I can get some work done on the paper I am writing for class and actually get an extra hour of sleep. Wait not so fast, I had a table that had been done eating for atleast half an hour, but they were having a "meeting" isn't that what conference rooms and offices are for? So as I'm giving them the evil waitress eye don't you know that another table walks in off the street! Damn it all to hell!

It's 10:30 and I could've been home half hour ago but whatever. This couple seems to notice their surroundings and asks me if it's too late to get something to eat. I try in my most sincerest voice to not tell them to get the fuck outta here! They were very conscious of the fact that it was late and they said that they wouldn't keep me they were gonna eat and run. Ok.

Don't you know like 3 minutes after the new couple sits down, my other table is ready to leave! Damn it if they would'a just left 10 minutes ago all would be well with the world, but no such luck.

So I serve the couple and expect that since it is now 11:15 and they are the only people in the place and they said they'd be fast, they'd be leaving. Nope!

These fuckers continuted to sit there until 11:45, an hour and 45 minutes after the fact that I couldve been showered, studied, and in bed! I hate people!


  1. I think EVERYONE--all the way up to the president, but especially republicans]should be forced to do one year in either retail or the food industry. Hopefully then folks wouldn't be such douches.

    I ALWAYS look at the store's hours and if it's within 15 minutes of closing I won't go in--unless it's an absolute emergency.

    Hope your week gets better--and better, and better....

  2. HA!

    I totally want to ditto what insomniac ellen shared in her comment. That was GREAT!

    Well, hopefully they left you a GOOD tip $$

    *like, $50.00???

    Wouldn't it be great if customers were required to tip according to the amount of time they spent sitting at a table?

    * a dollar a minute!

    Have an AWESOME day, my PA friend!


  3. This happens all the time at the restaurant I work at....bastards!

  4. Doesn't just happen in restaurants and it's not just folks who don't know better.

    My wife and I volunteer at a community breakfast that's a fundraiser for the local senior center. The hours are 8 - 11am on one Sunday each month. Most folks come in between 8:30 and 10 with a few stragglers until 10:30. Then we do our best to get everything cleaned up so everyone can go home. Invariably about two out of three times someone will show up at five minutes to eleven (yes, we serve them). What's really screwed up is that more than half the time the really late ones are friends or relatives of one of the volunteers.

    I used to work in a gas station. This was back in the days before electronic pumps. Invariably someone would show up just after closing, while I was trying to stick the tanks, and want me to reopen so they could "just get a coupla gallons."

  5. Ellen
    I couldn't agree with you more about everyone being forced to work in the public service industry, I think it would open alot of eyes to what the job really entails! I'm like you, if the place (especially a restaurant)is going to be closing---I don't go in, there are plenty of 24 hour places now! Another thing that gets me is these stores being open on big holidays like thanksgiving and christmas. Come on if you don't have your turkey on thanksgiving morning you aren't having turkey;you'd better open up a package of bologna!

  6. Ron
    Oh my dear friend I wish they would've left me a good tip! I mean they did leave 20% of the bill but the fact that they kept me their way past the time I needed to be should entitle meto that $50 you mentioned! Let's put a proposal into congress for all up and coming college grads to have to wait tables for a living!

  7. Haley,
    I was pretty sure its not just happening to me! Lets start up a revolution; no more late tables, we'll just refure service! I mean we will probably be out of jobs but maybe we'd get our point across...BASTARDS!

  8. Ivan
    You gotta just LOVE to HATE people huh?! I don't understand how people can be so rude, when their work day is done don't they just want to go home? Why do they think we are any different? People suck big time

  9. I agree with you. At my job I get people who come in at last minute all the time and expect all this stuff to be taken care of and don't care. Even when we lock the doors people be banging against the glass wanting to come in. I have to deal with that nonsense and people screaming and cursing me out almost daily. Cool blog you got here, I can definitely relate to this post.