Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview #1

Well I had my very first ever formal interview yesterday, and well let's just say it didn't go as I expected;

Everything was going well, I made eye contact, maintained a smile, was polite, firm handshake, blah blah blah, and then the interviewer hit me with this: "so you'll mostly be in the back of the office and perform patient care". Um, what? Apparently the interviewer didn't completely read my resume, because I am not a medical assistant, I am an administrator. She felt awful that she brought me in for no reason really, but hey it's cool. If anything it gave me a chance to get over the initial stage fright and they say to always take any interview you can, practice makes perfect!

I have another interview this afternoon but I am not really all that interested. I say that only because I've talked with the office manager and she's told me that they don't do any of their billing and coding, it gets sent out to a private company. Augh, doesn't any doctor's office to their own coding? How am I ever going to get to see it done live and in person? Just a little frustrated over here!

I'm not gonna bitch and moan and after all is said and done if the only externship I can get doesn't allow me to do any coding, well then I guess I will have to take it anyway and hope for the best.

On a good note; Man I clean up nice, I look GREAT in my professional business suit! Not too shabby for a pasta slinging burnedoutw8ress!


  1. you're right about take any interview sent your way--you never know, it might lead to something. Keep at it and try not to get discouraged. Each interview will teach you something.

    And I'll bet you look all Heather Locklear on Melrose in your suit...

  2. ellen,
    Heather Locklear is hot but I prefer Angelina Jolie!

  3. Back when I was running a restaurant, I interviewed a lady who was desperate for work. Her resume and references were great. There were only two positions open and I had six applicants. Ultimately she was not hired by us. But, almost the very next day, an acquaintance was lamenting that he could not find anyone to fill an office position where he managed. Guess what? Now I have two good friends who both think they owe me a favor.

  4. If anything it gave me a chance to get over the initial stage fright and they say to always take any interview you can, practice makes perfect!


    I remember auditioning for MANY stage shows and even though I didn't get cast in all of them, they always gave me great practice for the next audition.

    And I bet you looked like a knock-out!

    I think a woman looks not only professional, but also very sexy in a business suit!

    Hope you had a great day, my friend!


  5. Ivan
    its funny how things work out in the end huh?

    you bet your ass I looked good in that suit! I agree 100% I love a professional looking lady!