Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans of America

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every veteran and active military member for your selfless service to our country.

My father is a Vietnam Veteran. I don't know much about his tour, but the stuff he has shared with me is enough to know that I could not have done what they did. No amount of words can truly express my gratitude and love for my father as a soldier. He was a young man of 18 when he was shipped thousands of miles away to a jungle he knew nothing of. My father had lost his own father a mere 4 years before he left for Vietnam. Maybe he was searching for him. Maybe my dad was searching for himself.

Growing up with a Vet for a dad I learned early on to respect soldiers everywhere by thanking them whenever and where ever I run into them. Whether we were in the grocery store or the mall, when my father saw a fellow soldier he always approached them and said his thank you's. I am ashamed to admit this but when I was younger this act embarrassed me and I thought my dad was a strange man. On this day of rememberance I realize that my father is not strange my father is a respectful, loving, devoted soldier who is still trying to heal his wounds.

Please take a minute out of what is left this Veteran's Day to say thank you to the men and women who are giving their lives for our freedom.


  1. I don't personally know anyone in the military, but I always try and acknowledge any solider when I see one. I know that I couldn't do even half of what some have done, so the least I do can so thank them.

  2. So right you are there my friend Gavin. Btw I've been trying to add some spice to this ole' blog whatddya think?

  3. Oooh....very nice! I like it a lot. (: It fits the blog well I think.

  4. What a GREAT, my friend!

    I've read several Veterans posts today and they're all so touching.

    The more you speak of your father, the more I can tell he is a very special man.

    Who raised a very special daughter!

    Thank you for sharing this post. It was beautiful!


    Love the three columns.

    Woo! Woo! GO, girl!

  5. Wow, I just found you via Lora at Fever! She's right, you're writing a great blog! Glad I found you. Come visit me, too. I love making new friends this way!

    Hats off to your dad, my dad and uncles, and all the vets who served so valiantly. We owe them everything.

  6. Ron,
    Yes my father is a very special man and I am so proud to call him dad. He instilled values and morals in me that I hope to one day pass on to my own children. Thanks for complimenting my new layout, I needed something snazzy!

  7. Leah,
    I will be sure to stop by your blog and check you out! If you're a friend of Lora's your a friend of mine! I love her wit!
    Thank you to your uncles and your father too! We owe them everything, how true!

  8. Hi Burnie {I can call you that, right?},

    Thank you so much for visiting Casa Hice and subscribing to follow my humble blog. I consider it a great honor and I'm here to return the favor. I look forward to getting better acquainted. Please come back to mi casa anytime... I'll leave the door unlocked for you!

  9. Alix,
    Well sure you can call me anything just as long as you call me! Don't worry I've got a key!