Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back in the Saddle, Saturday

Alas my fifteen minutes of fame are up! (see Interview)

After having had my Saturday lunch shifts involuntarily ripped from me sometime in early summer, I have been so graciously put back on the schedule! It has been a while since I had worked a double Saturday and I forgot how fun (torturistic) they truly can be.

I start my shift at 11:00 am, which seems pretty silly because the first customers don't start trickeling in until sometime after noon. But being the hardworking, super-waitress that I am, I found plenty of things to keep me busy (out of Boss's line of vision).

I stock the kitchen chalk full of dressing, vinegar, to-go containers, hairnets(yea right), and other kitchenly items. Wow would you look at the time, its 11:11! I make my way out into the deserted dining room and check all 31 sugar bowls, parmesean cheese shakers, salt and peppers shakers and shiny silverware for fullness/shineyness. Good God time just flies when you're having fun, 11:17.

Oh shit here comes Boss! I dart from his sight into the noisy kitchen and proceed to restock (overstock) kitchenly items, 11:30.

I make several laps around dining room (still deserted) until I realize that I could waste time and stay out of vision line by peeing, 11:34.

Oh screw this! I sit down in back of deserted dining room, fuck, Boss sees all! I am ripped new asshole for sitting down on my job when I could be working, 11:59.

First customer enters, sits in other waitress's section. This is gonna be a long day!


  1. I make several laps around dining room (still deserted) until I realize that I could waste time and stay out of vision line by peeing, 11:34.


    I'm laughing because that's what I do when it's slow at work!

    (even when I don't have to pee)

    tee, hee!

    With the Septa strike in Philly, work has been SO SLOW!!!

    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  2. Haha....when I used to bartend, I'd find a place to disappear to when things were slow. I always hated getting the early shift, cause business was never that heavy and I get bored easily if I'm not occupied.

  3. Wow you could be a spy with the amount of hiding you were doing :) Hope the day picked up for you!

  4. Ron,
    Um yea you caught me, I go into the bathroom to sneak cigarettes not to actually pee! Damn don't tell Boss, he'll beat me with wet linguine again!

    I hear the transit system if off strike, maybe business will pick up for you!

  5. Gavin,
    You said it, "I get bored easily if not occupied". I try and stay busy but its so hard when there is nothing to do. Hey where was your hiding spot, maybe we have one too!

  6. Smileyfreak,
    007 here reporting for duty! I betcha I'd make a great spy. Well no not really, I'm loud and bore easily, no stake outs for me!

    Although we never really got "busy" I made decent money so the new asshole I got didn't hurt so much!

  7. Well...back in the inventory room, we had this closet that held like maintenance/janitor stuff and I would always pick the lock and stay in there for a few minutes if I wanted a break.

  8. LOL, what a funny post! I know what you mean about avoiding your boss... that is my LIFE!


  9. would be funny to do a post on all the ways people try to avoid working at work!!

  10. Gavin,
    Thanks for the location update, I wish we had a broom closet or something but the only "hiding" place I can find is the "walking cooler" or the ladies room!

  11. Elizabeth,
    thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. Yea Boss isn't always so easy for me to hide from. I swear he has eyes in the back of his head! He can be completely oblivious to what is going on with his customers but when it comes to an employee sneaking a piece of bread, he's all over it!

  12. Love Writing Again,
    That's a great idea for a post...All the ways people try to avoid working at work! I may just steal your idea!

  13. Left you a little something awesome over at my blog. (;

  14. Ack! Retail flashback!

    Oh how well I remember. There's one minute down. Now what to do with the next one?