Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love and Pasta

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming domestic urge. At the time I didn't quite understand what it was that was driving me to clean and cook so early on a Sunday morning, so I just went with it. As I was putting together the ingredients to make my grandmother's tomato sauce I remembered: It is my ex's birthday today.

Aha, that's why I am feeling this way. I used to perform all those wifely duties; cooking, cleaning,nuturing, and I realized: I miss them.

I was stirring up more than just herbs and spices. Memories of our life together swirled around my brain and I just couldn't help myself; I started to cry. I miss her.

I know in my head that things are over between us, but if someone could let my heart know that maybe I'd be able to remember the devastation that she caused me.

Well all the cooking I am doing this morning won't go to waste anyways and I love the smell permeating through the apartment! My grandma used to tell me that she put her heart and soul into her special tomato sauce and I finally understand what she meant by that.

Anyone like a little heart and soul?


  1. Oh WOW...if I had off from work today, I'd be over there in a minute to join you for a little hear and soul!

    I bet your grandma's recipe is DELISH!!

    Being Italian and watching my family cook, I SO know what she meant about putting her heart and soul into cooking. Cooking for Italians is like a "spiritual experience!"

    Sending you a big hug today, my friend!


  2. Cooking is the best way to help deal with a heartbreak,ice cream is also quite beneficial :) hope tomorrows lots better!

  3. Ron,
    so true, cooking for italians is a "spiritual experience". Hey if you ever make it across the state, drop on over; I LOVE to cook, especially for friends!

  4. Smileyfreak,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Icecream is a definate mood stabilizer, although I have been unable to find my favorite flavor: Toasted Almond Fudge! Why doesn't anyone make this stuff anymore? Nuts and chocolate go together so well! I'm looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. I bet she misses being taken such good care of by you, too. Your heart and soul sound delicious, if that isn't too weird a thing to say.

  6. tattytiara,
    hey thanks for becoming a follower, I hope that I can keep you entertained! Yes I hope she misses what I did for her, although she took advantage of what we had so probably not. No worries about saying weird things, believe me I say weird shit all the time! Thanks for commenting.

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