Saturday, October 10, 2009

Angel wings

There is a woman that I work with who dislikes me. Without going into the long history of how this came to be, let's just say that we've had differences in opinion. She has not talked to me in about 5 months which makes for an extremely uncomfortable work environment. Last night this woman exploded on me; unjustly I might add.

She had started a side work duty but instead of finishing it she was just going to walk out the door. Well I've had enough of her hoity toity attitude thinking she doesn't have to do anything before she leaves and that someone will clean her mess. I very calmly approached her at the hostess stand and asked in a nonconfrontational way if she was planning on finishing the job? The manager was present for the infraction that followed. She completely flipped out calling me a bitch and telling me to fuck off. I was in awe, I could not believe the reaction I got and couldn't say much of anything, my jaw was wide open in shock. She stormed out the door and left me speechless.

The manager who witnessed the situation reassured me that she was indeed out of line and will go to the owner and explain what had occured. I'm not a baby and her words didn't really hurt, what upsets me is that this woman thinks her shit doesn't stink and all of us are sick of her better than everyone attitude.

I'm sure that apon my arrival to work today I will be called into the office to discuss what went on last night. I'm not intimidated but I'd like to have the air cleared between the two of us. I'm sick of walking around on egg shells around her and I'm sick of being ignored and treated like shit. I think its high time that this woman is called on her shit and has her angel wings clipped!


  1.'s Saturday evening, so I'm dying to know what happened!?

    I'm sure you were able to clear the air between you and she, so you don't have to walk around on egg shells with her.

    Yeah, I too have TWO people I work with where there's a a bit of "strain" between us.

    I think you handled yourself very well in this situation. Much better than I would have.

    ..."has her angel wings clipped"...

    I LOVE that!

  2. There's nothing worse than added stress at work.

    If you can take the high road it will work out in the end because you'll know you handled yourself correctly and that's the best anyone can do.

    Good thoughts coming your way from

  3. Ron,
    I can't take all the credit for the angel wing clipping thing, I stole that line off of a fellow employee. It's great though isn't it? As always thanks for stopping by!

  4. Isabella,
    Thank you so much for the good thoughts, maybe that's what saved me from walking out or doing something worse like knocking them both out! Thanks for keeping me sane!