Thursday, October 8, 2009


This sign infuriates me anymore! Along with being a noncellphone user I am also a SMOKER! I am not a disease infested, black lung dependent, cancer spreader; I am a human being who happens to have an addiction to nicotine. Without getting into specifics let me tell you, this vice of mine is a whole lot better than some of the others I've had in my life time.

Ok let me clarify some things. I understand that smoking is a bad habit and very unhealthy for me and others around me. But to defend MY choice: this is America and I do have rights also. I hate that PA is now a nonsmoking state and that when I go out to eat I cannot enjoy a cigarette indoors. I believe that whether or not smoking should be allowed in an establishment should be up to the business owner, not the Government. If it bothers you that much sit in the nonsmoking section!! There are a handful of restuarants and bars in my area that are still permitted to allow us smokers to enjoy our habits, so they are the only ones that I frequent.

I know this post will piss a ton of people off but I really don't care. This is all about me. What infuriates me the most is when I am innocently waiting for a bus to come home from a long day at school and a complete stranger will approach me and tell me how disgusting smoking is. Can I remind you that I am outdoors, I don't even stand in those makeshift shacks they call bus stops. Why do strangers feel they need to tell me that MY habit isn't good for me? NO SHIT asshole I already know this. I used to be nice about it and just smile and say something like "yea, I know how bad it is" but no more Ms. Nice Girl! Step the fuck back... leave your opinion for someone else or I will burn your eyes out with my cancer stick! I mean it, people leave me the fuck alone so I can smoke my cigarette!


  1. You GO, girl!

    Well...being a smoker myself, I must agree with you.

    And let me say that I'm perhaps one of the most considerate smokers I know. I only smoke in my own home and even if someone should stop by for a visit, I will always ask them FIRST if they mind if I smoke. If they do...then I won't. I also don't smoke during the day while I'm at work because I'm considerate enough to not subject customers to the smell of smoke on my clothes.

    So whatever I want to do with my OWN life, as far as smoking cigarettes is my own damn business. I've actually had people who work at WaWa (while buy a pack of cigs) tell me that it's BAD for me. And do you know what I say to them? "Oh, really? Well, then I think I'll go to another store and BUY THEM THERE!"

    I too use to respond to people like a nice boy, but not anymore.

  2. tell them that something they CAN'T change is disgusting. Like big noses or red hair or something.

    That's what I do when someone is rude about one of my habits or tics or whatever.

    I'm all like "biting my nails might be disgusting, but at least I don't have ugly moles all over my face. Now THAT'S disgusting!"

    Seriously. I'm really that much of an asshole