Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is my big day! I could hardly sleep last night. I am like a little kid in a candy store today, I'm full of nervous energy! I just can't wait to put that cap and gown on and walk across the stage! I have to wait some 8 hours and it's killing me.

I am an emotional mess today but in a good way. I've already begun tearing up so I cannot imagine what I'll be like when the damn song starts playing. I am just so happy and proud of myself. Not many addicts can get clean let alone finish school and get a great job. I can't hardly believe that it is happening but it is. My new life is starting and I'm all ready for it!

Last night two of my dearest friends took me out to dinner since they won't be able to attend the ceremony tonite. We had such a great time, we always do. I love them like sisters and know without great friends I couldn't have done any of this. They gave me a necklace with a key on it and said that it represents the key to my new apartment, new job, and new life. I am touched and saddened that I won't be working alongside these 2 wonderful women anymore. That's gonna be the most difficult part about leaving the restaurant business behind; the awesome people who I got to share so much with. We are a different breed of people; you kinda have to be to survive that lifestyle. Unless you've experienced it for yourself you can't really understand what is all about. I will miss it.

It is time to move on though, that was what I worked so damn hard for. I look forward to the new challenges that life has in store for me. And it's comforting to know that I can blog about all my misadventures! Hope you guys stick around for what is sure to be a bumpy road!


  1. Congrats on your graduation....wear that cap and gown proudly because you obviously deserve it!

  2. you go girl! good for you overcoming so much shit and embarking on a new path in life. i hope you have a huge cheering section tonight. your blog family will be there in spirit.

  3. Congrats! I know when I graduated college, it was a wide array of emotions! it's a long road getting to that cap and gown....all the work, the all night cram sessions...the friends you meet...all going their separate ways! yeah, it's a big day!

    Best of Luck to you!

    I don't know you, but even "I'M" proud of you!


  4. we will certainly be walking along side you in spirit!

    love to you!

  5. OMG...I wish I could be there to watch you take your diploma in hand!!!

    However, I'll be there in heart and soul!

    You GO, girl!!

    Woo! Woo! Woo!

    Keep us posted, ok?

    X ya!

  6. I too wish I could be there to watch you take your diploma...I am very happy for you and wish the the best. You are a beacon of hope for many. Don't be afraid, you are beautiful.