Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waitresses are People Too

I know being a waitress isn't as important as being a neurosurgeon, a soldier, or holding a seat on congress but it is still a job and I feel that I should be treated as a human being. Case in point I had these 2 women in my section yesterday afternoon who not only stiffed me but made me feel less than human. Look I made myself feel that way for a very long time; that is the nature of drug addiction. The point is I don't feel that way anymore and I will not allow anyone else in this world make me feel like an animal ever again.

These 2 were bitchy to begin with. They wanted a calzone but asked if they left out 2 of the ingrediants could they substitute something else? I tried to explain to them that this is simply not allowed; I cannot substitute. I can leave the things that they didn't want out but I have to charge for the one they wanted added. It is NOT my rule; my name is not on the door, I don't make the decisions about cost or menu items. I just do my job. If I were to do this for these 2 I could very well lose that job. I am not willing to sacrifice my employment for these 2 women who showed absolutely no respect for me.

Is it a fair rule? No. I think it's quite silly to be honest, but again IT ISN'T MY RULE. Needless to say they were a hard table to wait on. I tried my best to be as nice as possible but when I hear them snickering about me as I walk away from the table, my feelings get hurt. Believe it or not I am human and I do have feelings.

These 2 women paid their check but left me a zero dollar tip. Thanks alot ladies. Did you really have to take out your frustration on me? Had I not told you I would have the manager come over and speak to you about the "situation"? Seriously.

I'm not really sure why this hit so hard with me today. It is not the first time I've been stiffed and unfortunately it won't be the last, but it did hurt me. I did my job and was left unappreciated. I can't change everyone's mind but the next time you're out in a restaurant and something doesn't go your way don't take it out on the waitress; she is only doing her job.


  1. Faaaaaabulous vent!

    I think people who have never been in the hospitality/service industry, who act like this, need to be required to serve a whole MONTH doing so. Maybe then they would understand R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    We all have a job to do in this world. And one is NOT less important than the other.

    *Just ask a neurosurgeon the next time he/she is in a restuarant waiting to EAT - HA!

    "I will not allow anyone else in this world make me feel like an animal ever again".

    You GO, girl!


  2. Ron
    You're so right about everybody acting this way must be made to be a waitress. If people could only see what it really means to be a server I'll bet they wouldn't act like this anymore!

  3. Geez...I couldn't imagine not being nice to whoever happens to wait on me. Even if I'm in a bad mood or the waitress/waiter is in a bad mood I always leave a tip. It's only fair because like you are just doing your job. I hope you get a really nice person/people who leave you a big tip cause you deserve it. (:

  4. Sometimes you just have to let it go and think to yourself - "I hope their mother bites them when they get home."

  5. Gavin
    I wish everybody thought the way you do; what I would love to tell people is this: I am the last one to touch your food before you get it, and I could do a lot of things that you'd never even be aware of! Thanks for stopping!

    Hahahahahah I do hope they get bit!

  6. You might want to rethink that part about whether waitresses are more important than neurosurgeons. I've had a couple of run-ins with them cutters. While they do rank relatively high on the list (definitely above congresspersons), they are an option that we can do without. The amount of money anyone makes in no way is a full measure of their importance, nor is the amount of education they have.