Thursday, January 7, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Today I turn 32. Where did all those years go? Most of them were spent in oblivion. It's a bittersweet day for me. There's not anything I'd wish for more when blowing out those candles than to have all those wasted years back, but unfortunately no one has invented a time machine as of yet.

As I kid I hated that I was born 2 weeks after Christmas because sometimes I got that "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas" gift-in-one. It wasn't fair and I hated it. I guess it was worse for my cousin because when she was blowing out her candles on her 7th birthday cake I was being born. She was forever to share her day with me. Win some lose some I guess.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Years are never wasted. You'll be using what you went through and what you learned during those Dark Years for the rest of your life. You'll be using those lessons to help yourself grow, you'll be using them to help others grow.

    You've accomplished something that not many people in your situation are able to. You've accomplished something that not many people in life ever have to. That's a damned big deal.

  2. Happy B-Day!!!!

    don't beat yourself up for the past--it's a waste of energy. Look at how far you've come! So many people never get out of the abyss that is addiction--and they destroy themselves and their loved ones in the process.

    Give yourself a "what-what" and go tackle 32.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm a December baby - I don't usually get joint gifts but I always end up spending my birthday money on other people for Christmas so while I'm so giving I tend to get the shaft in return every year! I did use this to my advantage for many years begging for a really over priced gift I would claim that my parents could make it my JOINT gift for Birthday and Christmas... (this worked out way better after my parents divorced and my dad was at a loss on what to buy me... he just say OK here's the card.. get it)... oh I miss those days!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! They say 30's are the new 20's I hope they are right... at age 33 I will take whatever BS I can get! ;)

  4. Lora
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really mean that, your words of support mean an awful lot to me today. It's my birthday and I should be feeling all festive but instead I just feel crappy and want to spend the day reading in bed.

    I will surely give myself a 'whatwhat' whatever that may be! thanks for stopping over and wishing me well!

    God I hope the 30's arent the new 20's, who wants to be 22 again?! Not me. Enjoy them as you see fit though; i was a mess in my 20's don't want to go back to that! Thanks for the bday wishes!

  5. Hey! Happy B'day.
    Now give yourself a present and live in the moment. All of the yesterdays are over and there's nothing that can be done with them other than remember mistakes so they're not repeated. We just do this one day at a time, anyway.

  6. I know.

    My birthday is August 29th.

    I get that whole combo 'Happy Birthday/Happy Labor Day' thing.



    Ok, now blow out your candles!

    And I would like to ditto every single word that Lora shared with you because she's exactly right.

    You are the wonderful person you are BECAUSE of what you've been through.

    You're PERFECT!

    And it's been my absolute pleasure and honor in getting to knowing you.

    And I MEAN that, girl.

    You freakin' ROCK!

    X ya!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and spend lots of time thinking about how special and strong you are!

  9. Happy Birthday! (: I hope you have a great day today and everyone makes you feel special. (:


    I know you can't get that time back, but you have today, and you have every day in the future and you are going to take it all by storm!