Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh for the love of.........

Maybe I am just a giant baby, but I'm telling you my tooth hurts. I just came back from the dentist/rapist/sadist/robber to have my permanent crown put on. I believed that the worst was all behind me...the drilling, the awful cauterizing, burning smell, and the dreaded root canal. I thought this would be a piece of cake. Just open my mouth and he puts that new shiny white fake toothy thing onto my de-rooted stub. So why oh why does it hurt?

I'm telling you that dentist is out to fucking get me! I hate hate hate the dentist. I hate the sounds, the smells and of course the cost. What in the world cost so damn much? Did I by chance order one of those Nelli grillz when I was all doped up on the novacaine/vicodan coctail? Really $1000.00? And it HURTS!

I want my mommy......

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  1. Oh damn, girl...I TOTALLY hear you because earlier in July I had to have some VERY painful dental work done on a tooth that was abscessed. was the worst!

    And you're so right. WHY does going to the dentists ALWAYS cost a fortune$$$

    Oh, listen...I've had several root canals and then a crown. I think the reason your tooth may hurt is not actually about the tooth, but more so about the gum area around the tooth. I had the same thing happen with my root canals. The pain eventually went away. And pretty fast, too.

    Hope you had a great day, girl!