Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ok. So I called the woman whom I interviewed with today to "check on the status of my application". She called me right back and said that things were looking very good for me. I asked her about my criminal history and she said "I would be surprised if they didn't hire you based on that". Well there it is. Now can these people just call with the job offer so I can tell my boss to stick his linguine up his ass?!

I am so ready to be done with my externship. Honestly I appreciate all that they have shown me but I'm pretty much bored out of my mind now! I am only allowed to do so much. I do all the things that I know how to do and when I look up at the clock it's only like 10! WTF! I spend the rest of the time thinking about all the things I could be getting done if I were at home.

Did I mention that along with working my waitressing job, externing with the Doctor, I am also in the process of moving. Well it's only to the front apartment but still I gotta pack all that shit up! Seriously when this is all over with I am gonna need a day of pampering. I could really use a mani/pedi and a fucking nap!

Thanks for standing by me and understanding when I don't reach out to your blogs, I'll get back to yinz soon!


  1. Hello, my dear friend!

    No worries about getting back to us in a hurry, because we totally understand that life outside of blogging changes and shifts as it happens, therefore we will always stand by you. Our blogs will always be here when you return. It's the same for me right now. I have to concentrate on work. So trust me, I do understand.

    I'm so happy to hear that things are looking good for you in the job department - YAHOOOO! I knew they would!

    OMG, and know what you mean about moving because whether you move to another side of town, or simply to another apartment in the still have to pack - OY VEY!

    You take care, girl. And know that your fans will always be here!


  2. Ron,
    You always have the best comments! I am so glad that I started this little blog; it really feels good to come home and see that someone has not only read what you wrote but can also identify with it! Thank you my PA friend. Hey over here its going up to 65 today! Rain but hey it aint snow! Take care and don't work too hard!