Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowball Fight?

If anyone lives in the Eastern part of our country I guess you're in the same boat as I am today. Holy crap the snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. And MORE snow. The stuff is pretty and white and bright and all but seriously I don't want anymore of it. I nearly killed myself getting home last night. I'm no weenie but when there's close to a foot of that shit it makes travel pretty gruesome.

I work in a restaurant as many of you already know. I say this because a restaurant is not where you should be in the midst of a blizzard. It was snowing buckets and yet the yuppies from the neighborhood were piling into their 4-wheel-drive Escalades, and Navigators to come in and order a bowl of freakin soup! Really. I just wanted to try and make my way home.

I just don't understand. If the news people and the people at Penndot were telling you to stay off the roads and only go out if absolutely necessary, why why why are you here in my booth ordering a stinking pizza?

So now that it is Saturday morning and I'm comfy and warm INSIDE of my home and don't have to leave, I can appreciate the beauty of the snow but that's only because I don't have to venture out into it. Hoping everyone is safe and warm and please people DO NOT BE OBNOXIOUS AND TRY TO GO OUT TO EAT TODAY! Waitresses are not eskimos.


  1. Haha....I know what you mean. I can stay all nice and warm inside my house today and don't have to venture yet as of yet. I can't believe it snowed so much...well I can..but you understand I hope. XD

  2. OMG...I'm sitting here debating whether or not to go into work today. If you can believe this...the store IS open!?!?

    HOLY COW...can you believe the amount of snow we got?

    And are STILL getting!

    Have a nice cozy day at home, girl!

    (I just might do the same)


  3. aw shit i was just gonna drive all the way to your restaurant and get some of those baby carrots. maybe some ranch to dip as well.

    hehe we've been surprisingly fortunate here in the new england area. i was positive the clouds would sneeze snow all over the damn place.

    ...still crossing my fingers

  4. today I'm greatful we don't have any snow in Hollywood.

  5. Found your blog form your comment on Fever......

    Don't you know that 4x4 means you're invincible in the snow? That's what those yuppies in your restaurant were thinking "We're fine. We've got 4x4." Idiots. They're the first ones calling a tow truck because they're stuck in a ditch too.

  6. 6 more inches on tues i hear in NE ohio. the lady at the BK drive thru on friday night actually called me crazy. to my face. it was a bit of a throw down. i HAD to be out. no choice.

    but i digress. you are the TOP BLOG OF THE WEEK on friday and i loved the post and added my own little blurbs in it, i hope you won't mind, i think it makes it even funnier. not that that was what you were going for ... but i digress.

    just one teensy weensy favor - could you promote or mention it on your blog on fri? more than a few of my top blogs haven't said anything and then people pop over and it's sort of like, huh? YOU were the top blog? y aren't u even mentioning it? and i feel sort of stupid.

    so anyhoo, if you could that would be great and sorry about the novel.

  7. I miss the snow! I'll trade you this rainy SF weather for some snow and a cozy day inside!

    I gave you an award over on my blog - head over and check it out!

  8. My brother used to be a pizza delivery guy in high school.

    During violent thunderstorms and blizzards, the weather dude would tell us to stay off the roads!

    So naturally, people ORDERED A PIZZA.

    "Oh, we can't go outside! It's too dangerous. Let's make someone else risk their life and then tip them poorly!"