Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I can't take anymore


I am so sick of looking at, walking through, and shoveling snow! When is it gonna end already? Are we being punished for the last several "mild" winters? Ok. We. Get. It. I'm not much of a winter gal if you couldn't tell. I get cold easily and I am not the best driver when it comes to this slushy crap all over the roads. I hate it, I hate it I hate it!

And you know what, while I'm at it..FUCK you VALENTINE'S DAY too!


  1. Ugh. I know. And right now it's snowing like crazy. I just came back inside from taking the dog out. It's crazy out there. I'm definitely ready for winter to end.

  2. I have a suggestion. You can call me an @$$h@+, but look back a couple of posts and consider trying San Francisco again ;-)

    Sorry... couldn't resist.

  3. I don't blame you, that is just wayyy too much snow.

  4. You ain't kidding...

    ...this is making up for the very mild winters we've had here the past 4-5 years.

    I went out yesterday for walk and came back in after 30 minutes because the wind was blowing snow off the buildings like an avalanche!#$!

    However, today is beauitful. Sunny and clear skies!

    Have a great day, my PA friend!

  5. we are up to our pits in snow here in the Philly area. THIS SUCCCKKKSSS!!!

    and my poor mom moved here from Santa Cruz, Ca--in time for the worst winter we've had in over a decade. sheesh.

  6. I'd quote you on that, but you're as good as quoting me on that already. 110% with you on that, babe.

    On that note a yakalo is half Tibetan Yak, half North American Bison. Apparently they breed them in Alberta more than they do anywhere else because they have a better chance at not dying in the snow here!

  7. GAvin
    Don't put your shovel away yet, I hear we are getting more this weekend! Just something to look forward to!

    Ok @@#$+! you wanna pay for me to move?! Very cute shithead!

    Peace be with you.

    Whispering Writer,
    Yea and we are suppose to get more over the weekend, ugh!

    Nice to hear Philly is getting some sunshine, could you lend us over here in the Burgh' some? Please!

    I'll bet your mom is missing the boardwalk right about now, huh? I LOVED Santa Cruz!

    Yakalo, I don't know sounds like a lot of poop to clean up! Do they sell industrial sized pooperscoopers? You could have my snowshovel if it ever stops snowing!

  8. it's really bad here too, and we aren't half as equipt (is that a word?) for it here as pgh is!

  9. Stopping over from the Crib...and I have to had me hooked with the fuck you snow.

  10. A-fricken-Men! I couldn't agree more! Ohio's winter has been pretty suck-tastic as well!


  11. LOL! Love this!
    This winter is out of control! It snowed here today in South Louisiana! SOUTH LOUISIANA!!!!

    That NEVER happens, and it happened twice this year.

    Hope you guys get some sunshine and warmer temps soon!!!

  12. I loved your blog over at SFTC. I am hooked. I honestly thought I would never meet anyone who liked the word fuck as much as I do.

    Please stop by for a visit...I think you might like my blog too...and we would get along smashingly.

    I'm from Chicago so we have some snow too. Snow can suck it.

  13. See the problem is snow is colder than you. It just doesn't care. Then it turns into an icicle and stabs you in the eye. And then you can't drive to the ER because the snow turned into an ice rink of death and then you're stuck in a ditch with an icicle stuck in your eye. Then once someone finds you the icicle has melted and no one believes you that snow tried to kill you, and your whole career of playing Halo 3 on ESPN is over.

    I'm following, but, you better put one of those little bear backpacks with a tether on me, I tend to roam...

  14. I don't really mind the snow, but Valentine's Day can suck it.

  15. I read your post on SFTC.

    I think you're neat.

  16. I am your newest follower!
    Love your honesty.