Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ok my apologies for not posting this yesterday (Friday) like I was supposed to! I was featured as "Blog of the week" over at SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB (SFTC) and I was honored to be chosen, truly I was. So go on over there and check out the post and give that girl some love cause she is funny and quirky and AWESOME! I'm not just saying that either, she is one of my soups of the day and I always look forward to reading something new from her. I've noticed that I have many new tiny heads in the collection, I'd like to say hello to all you newbies out there. Thanks for stopping over and I hope that you decide to stay. Things here are really informal and sometimes things can be a little racy and full of swearing and cussing but then on somedays I actually allow myself to open up and you get to see the "real" burnedoutw8ress. So stick around folks and I'll do my best to keep you informed about all the asshole customers that cross my path.


  1. i was JUST coming over b/c i was a DAY LATE to tell you CONGRATS on your big day - i am so glad you've gotten some new followers, you should go over and read your post - i've added a little commentary.

    but anyhow, here's hoping you have a great weekend. your post will be up until monday and you'll be on my sidebar all week!

  2. SFTC,
    OMG I was just gonna email you! Freaky how we are so intune huh? Anyways I am so sorry that I forgot to post this. I did read the post this morning and I thought it was fantastic! I had a lot of fun reading your commentary throughout the post. Thank you so much it truly was an honor to be featured!

  3. That is so awesome! Congrats. (: I'm gonna have to go check out SFTC

  4. Congratulations on the Blog of the Week honor!

  5. Gavin,
    Thanks, yea definately go check her out; she is AWESOME shit!

    Thank you for coming over; I feel honored to have been chosen by this funny and intelligent lady!


    Congrats, my PA friend! MUCH deserved!

    SFTC made an EXCELLENT choice if I say so myself!

    Your da' BOMB!

    I'm so proud of you!


  7. I feel as though you say what I'm thinking but won't say because then my grandma will call my mother and say, "When did Sara start hanging out with sailors?"