Saturday, January 30, 2010


So I survived my first week at my externship. No patients were harmed in the process, so I guess I must be doing something right! In all seriousness though I have learned quite a bit in this short period of time, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable with what I am doing and the other people who work there.

The other night at work I decided that I needed to have a "fire-side" chat with my boss. When I walk by some of the girls I'm working with at the restaurant they suddenly stop talking and start looking around with this guilty expression on their faces. They are talking about me and divying up my shifts between them. Um hello, I'm still working here! Anyways I wanted to make that clear to my employers so they don't overhear this shit and start to think I'm going to screw them over.

So I go up to the office and we talk. Everything goes well and he tells me he knew I still had a ways to go before I leave and blah blah blah. Then he sort of chuckles and says to me that he did get a note from one of the servers that said that they would like to take my Saturday shift. Holy shit! I'm not even dead yet and these girls are throwing the dirt on top of me!

Ruthless bitches.


  1. Some people are worse then animals I swear. XD

    That's awesome though that your liking your other job better. (:

  2. Don't even worry about it. You're off to bigger and better things. Most of all, not having to deal with cheap, rude, demanding customers. Let'm have your shifts. Yahoo!!

  3. First, congrats on having a FAB first week during your externship!

    I KNEW you would!

    Second, don't ya just love the ruthless bitches? I have a few where I work too (one guy, one girl). There both a cross between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis - HA!

    Loved this post. The title and photo are VERY clever!

    Have a great Sunday, my PA friend!

  4. gavin,
    OMG you wouldn't believe how much I like this job better! Although I'd probably like collecting garbage more than waiting on tables!

    If only the externship paid then they could have all my shifts!

    what makes people this way? The cut throating isn't something I'm used to, but I guess if I plan on being out there in the business world I'd better get used to it!

  5. I think the most direct approach is the best...march right up to those waitresses and tell 'em to slow thier roll.
    Glad to hear you're liking your new work!

  6. The best revenge is to not react at all, but to pray that they all get everything they ever wanted.
    Should your prayers be answered they will also get all of the grief that goes with having what you wish for.
    Think about it... then laugh.

  7. a good 98 % of women are vicious hose bags

    the rest of us are the good ones :)

  8. Ruthless bitches indeed! But to be fair, Saturday night is a good shift....