Friday, December 25, 2009

WWF Vatican Style

I am sitting here on Christmas morning, 2009 watching the Today show, enjoying my coffee and thinking ahead to the wonderful day I'll be spending with my family, when Anne reports a story about the Pope. I was barely paying attention, sipping coffee and smoking a cigarette, then I heard "the pope is doing fine today after last's night assault". WTF? Who in the hell assaults the most Holy man on the planet? I wasn't sure I heard correctly so pushed the cat off of my lap and turned the volume up on the tv, waiting for the Today show to repeat the report.

Sure as shit, that's what Anne had said; a "mentally-unstable" woman leaped over several people into the center aisle and took down the pope like a WWF wrestler. What in the world? I don't claim to be religious but seriously what vendetta could this woman have against Mr. Pope? Then I heard that this same woman tried to dropkick the Pope last year as well, but I'm assuming she didn't get to actually do it. What a crazy fucked up world we live in, when the Pope is assaulted during a Christmas Eve mass. I feel bad for humanity today.

Christmas isn't about presents, and trees, and miseltoe; Christmas is about the rebirth of spirituality. Today hold your loved ones close and remember the true meaning of Christmas, and pray for the crazy lady who attacked the damn Pope!


  1. o.0 Sheesh. Looks like someone forgot to take their meds, eh?

  2. Gavin
    Haha yep someone definately needs some thorazine! Merry christmas to you my friend!