Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Wrong

You know what really upset me? When women take for granted all it means to bring new life into the world.

There's a couple who come into the restaurant, who are nice enough and tip well, but they actually disgust me.

They are definately what I would consider alcoholics. That isn't the problem. What bothers me is that they have a baby whom they a. drink and drive with and b. sit at the bar with. A bar is no place for a kid, no matter that the baby isn't really understanding what is going on around her, it's just not the place. It'd be one thing if they were parked in a booth on the side of the bar, but no these two were bellied up to the bar, toddler in lap. So right there in the middle of his Maker's Mart on the rocks and her cabernet was tinker toys! The gentelment sitting next to them was clearly pissed off and uncomfortable; as well as he should be.

Speaking of bellying up to the bar: I didn't mention that this woman is prego. Now before anyone splits their panties in an uproar, I'm not talking about an occasion glass of wine during pregnancy. This lady sucks down atleast 5 glasses each time she is in our restaurant, who knows how much she drinks at home. Here's another startling fact: this couple has lost a baby before. I don't know the specifics but I'm willing to bet money that it had something to do with drinking/fetal alcohol syndrome.

I am not usually someone who judges, seeing as I myself had an addiction problem. I don't have any children though. It infuriates me that as a gay single woman in PA, I could probably Never adopt a baby and this couple is taking for granted the one that is already born and taking unnecessary risks with the unborn one.


  1. Not only "Just Wrong" but Straight Up Just Wrong. And it's not about judgment, it's about morality, for crying out loud. It's about giving a child a fair shake at life. It would be appropriate for the bartender to mention that minors are not allowed to sit at the bar {hint hint supid muthafuckas} and to read the warning on the side of the cabernet bottle. It's there for a reason. But we all know... good common sense eludes those most in need of it most of the time. Sheesh.

  2. Wow. You're wrong. That's just plain wrong. Some people just don't take being parents seriously enough. Sad really. I mean like I know no one's perfect, but this? Come on....

  3. Alix,
    yep, youre right it is about giving the kid a fair shake at life. Life is hard enough why would you even take the risk to complicate it anymore? You know that baby sure as hell didnt ask to be created. It infuriates me to no end. I went to lunch with my girls yesterday and one of them told me this story: a neighbor of her's had a kid that they took to the bar ALL the time and when the kid learned to talk, she actually slurred her words! Can you fnnnn believe that? sick is what that is!

    My sentiments exactly: no one is perfect but there's a moral obligation that a woman makes when she is carrying a life!

  4. Yes, children don't belong at bars, that's for sure. Some people should not be parents.

  5. thats terrible

    what worse is that if you were to walk outside that bar and thwart a mugging of an elderly woman or rush to the aid of a person involved a car wreck you'd be considered a hero for saving a life.

    but if you rush to the aid of this unborn child and mention something to this couple you'd be considered a judgmental, rude and offensive bitch that needs to tend her own matters.

    ridiculous and sad

  6. Sammy,
    you're right, if I tried to say anything to the couple not only would I be considered rude and judgemental I would definately be fired too! It is a no win situation. I'd like to say that I have the guts to deal with these people and then suffer the consequences but unfortunately I need that crappy job! I hope for the baby's sake that everything will work out and it will be healthy and cared for.

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