Friday, March 6, 2015


I have decided that it's time to quit smoking. With that said I gotta tell you I'm scared shitless!
I've been smoking since I was12 years old. That's a long time. I just know that if I don't do it now I'm going to pay for it in the end.
My dad had a nearly fatal heart attck, my mom almost stroked out and my grandma had lung cancer. So needless to say I have a family history going on.
I'm gonna try the patches. My stubborn ass mother quit cold turkey but I don't have that in me. So when this carton is gone that's it! I'm not only doing this for health reasons, it's just too damn expensive.
wish me luck along with anyone I happen to encounter in the next few months!!! I'm gonna be miserable.
HERE Goes nothing!

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